Look Snatched! Mastering The Art Of Contouring Like A Pro

By: Nina Shahriman / January 13, 2021
Categories : Makeup, Makeup Tips

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon a post with someone who had an amazingly defined face? It’s not magic but the power of makeup- specifically contour. With that, Beauty Insider is teaching you today on mastering the art of contouring!

It’s 2020 and it’s time to up your glam-look game by including contouring into your regime. You may have tried it once or twice before and didn’t understand why it “wasn’t working”. Maybe you’ve tried those face guides photos on Pinterest but it didn’t have the same lifting effect.

Well, throw those traditional methods out the window and follow Beauty Insider’s guide to contouring and look as snatched as ever!

What Is Contouring?

Contouring is a makeup method that creates definition on one’s facial features to create a more structured appearance. Let’s say if your nose is a little too wide, contouring can make it appear thinner. You want to create a sharper jawline, applying contour can define it.

Additionally, contouring grew a rise in fame after many celebrities spilled the tea on how they look so darn good. We’re talking big names like Kim Kardashian West, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. These icons popularised the need to have contouring in a makeup routine and ever since then, the trend skyrocketed!

However, a lot of people mistaken bronzer as contour which is understandable- the two look the same. Despite that, to differentiate them think bronzer is to give colour to your skin whereas contour is meant to create shadows.

What To Use For Contouring?

Who said contouring was complicated? There are only three products you need for it which is a contour, a highlighter and a concealer. The contour will create the shadows while the highlighter will be used to accentuate the areas around it, highlighting to create a deeper illusion.

How To Contour Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Base Prep

First things first, the most important step before creating a work of art is making sure you have a good canvas to start. With that, the first step is to make sure you do your skincare routine. This step is vital as it will determine the outcome of your look. You want to have a smooth glide with the contour and highlight almost melting into your skin but with the absence of skincare to grip onto the product, thus it will slide around.

Get a setting spray and give yourself a light coat before jumping into a makeup primer and then another layer of setting spray. This is to make your look stay put all day without having it glide around.

Step 2: Mapping Your Natural Contour Areas

Study your face and see which areas are your highest point. Normally, they will be your cheekbones, the arch of your eyebrows, the triangle zone between your eyebrows and forehead and your cupid’s bow. These are the areas that you want to apply your highlighter to.

However, for contour, this depends on what you’re aiming. If you want to create a smaller face structure, you want to apply contour at the outer area of your face. To create a definition of slimmer cheeks, start from the bottom of your cheekbones until you’re halfway in.

Step 3: Highlight Zone

If you have done step 2, then from now, contouring should be a breeze. You will need to use a cream highlighter and apply it on your highlight points. Simply blend the product into your skin in an outwards and upwards motion to create a lifting effect.

Putting a highlighter under your foundation will create the illusion of your skin “glowing from within”. Additionally, it will also diminish any harsh lines created from the highlighter for a soft natural shine.

Step 4: Foundation

Fourthly, it’s time for foundation! Apply setting spray before you pat on your foundation. This is to ensure that your highlighter won’t move around while you are applying your foundation.

In addition, if you really want to revamp your foundation game, adding a few drops of beauty oil or facial oil will do you wonders! Just apply your foundation to the back of your hand and add a few drops of oil. Then mix it together and apply the foundation to your skin. Not only will this make you look stunning but it will also keep your skin hydrated.

Step 5: Contour

Finally, it’s time for the best part which is the contour! Following your face map, you can now apply it to the natural contour areas of your face and wherever you desire. Whether you are using a cream or powder contour, always remember that less is more! To end, use a beauty blender to remove any harsh lines and to blend it nicely to your foundation.

Step 6: Concealer

Follow us and repeat, “We are not going to do a triangle underneath our eyes.” That old technique has been debunked by us and many other makeup lovers that it is simply too much product and will end up caking up. Thus, applying a small amount of concealer is enough to highlight your under-eye area, your forehead and the bridge of your nose.

Step 7: Setting The Look

You must think that is the part where you “bake”. This is a term used by applying a thick layer of powder on to the area that you applied concealer to, leaving it to bake before dusting it off. This will not only emphasise the texture of your skin but will make you look patchy instead!

Preferably, using a makeup brush, dust a thin layer to simply set your makeup look. Afterwards, spray another layer of setting spray and you’re done!

If you try out contouring don’t forget to snap a quick picture and tag us on Instagram @beautyinsidersg! Have fun, beautiful!