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Interview: Beauty Confessions Of Joy Tan, Max Factor Singapore Makeup Expert

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 12, 2018

Makeup trends may be continually in flux, and our attention ever-evolving, but there are a handful of personalities within the beauty industry who not only see its metamorphosis firsthand but also shape the way we observe and apply it to daily life. Joy Tan from Max Factor Singapore is one such person.

We were lucky enough to pick her brain on all things beauty and even her work philosophy. “I believe that passion ignites a possibility, but commitment is what makes a possibility real.,” Joy explains. From creating looks for Max Factor Singapore and predicting makeup trends for 2019, to the products she couldn’t leave the house without, these are Joy Tan’s beauty takeaways from years on the front lines of being a makeup expert.


max factor singapore

Beauty Insider: What are some things you do to get inspiration when creating makeup looks for the brand’s campaigns and events?

Joy Tan: I love to ‘people-watch’ on the streets and observe what is in trend. As an advocate of design thinking, I always keep in mind my users, which in this case would be the canvases (faces) I work on. By meeting people and learning about their lifestyles, I am excited to create new forms of beauty that are relevant, functional and inspiring to them.

Beauty Insider: What are some of your favourite looks you’ve seen from NYFW?

Joy Tan: I love that colours like warm shades of pink, red, and orange are dominating the latest shows at NYFW. These colours signify strength, empowerment and happiness. Thus, I am really looking forward to wearing these uplifting shades in Spring 2019.

Beauty Insider: What is the greatest challenge for you as a makeup artist?

Joy Tan: I always try to find something to love in every canvas (the face) that I encounter. Great art is borne out of love. You cannot paint a face beautiful if you do not like what you see.

max factor singapore

Beauty Insider: Can you describe the experience at working at Max Factor in one sentence?

Joy Tan: Exhilarating. Max Factor puts the needs of real women first by innovating products that work for great style at an affordable price point. I love that the products are all-inclusive.

Beauty Insider: What Max Factor products/colours would you recommend for a Halloween look?

Joy Tan: I would certainly recommend Max Factor’s False Lash Epic Mascara. For Halloween, you definitely want a look that is sexier or more dramatic, hence this waterproof, long-wear mascara is definitely great for creating that sexy flutter.

Beauty Insider: If you’re planning to go overseas, what are the beauty products you have to bring along with you?

Joy Tan: I love Max Factor’s Lasting Performance Foundation. It is lightweight, has good coverage and does not streak. I also like Lipfinity Lip Colour because there are so many shades to choose from and the colour lasts all day. If you are travelling and out for long hours, you will find these products so useful for keeping your makeup look fresh and intact!

max factor singapore

Beauty Insider: What are your must-have beauty products in your makeup bag?

Joy Tan: I love to have a good red lipstick. On days that you don’t want to have a lot of make-up on, a quick swipe of red lipstick could really freshen up the overall look. My favourite is 715 Ruby Tuesday.

Beauty Insider: Considering Singapore’s weather, are there any makeup hacks you’d like to share?

Joy Tan: Use a makeup primer. A makeup primer does many things: it smooths complexion, helps makeup adhere better and makes application easier.

Personally, I would recommend Max Factor’s Smooth Miracle Primer. It is one of the best-sellers and gives an instant ‘air-brush’ effect on the skin! I tried it on many ladies and they love it because the difference it makes is so obvious – you can literally see your skin looking smoother in one application!

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Photo credit: Max Factor Singapore