meeth’s Morerich Pack is The Award Winning Product Your Skin Deserves, Here’s Why!

By: Farah Khan / October 13, 2021
Categories : Skincare

Do you ever feel like your skincare is missing something? Toner, serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen may make up an efficient skincare routine but on some days our skin needs a little extra something to nourish and rejuvenate. Giving your skin some extra tender loving care (TLC) every once in a while is important for a beautiful complexion. In fact, dermatologists suggest adding in a mask every few days for nourishment of the skin. 

There is a reason why skincare masks are so popular and are actually the secret of many celebrities from Asia to the West. Morerich Pack creates a mini facial treatment on the skin as it brings back life to the skin after busy days, eliminating impurities and pollutants. The lively, sparkling feeling on your face is simply hard to resist. With that said, allow us, your Beauty BFF, to enlighten you about Morerich Pack, meeth’s award winning peel off mask.

The Philosophy Behind meeth

Meeth began with a sweet and simple philosophy; how one feels regarding their skin echos throughout their life. They invite everyone to embark on a journey, beginning with beautiful skin that leads to confidence, empowerment, and wellness from within. 

Morerich Pack, The Award Winning Peel Off Mask

What is the Morerich Peel-Off Mask?

Morerich is a peel off mask is a carbonated gel that provides the skin with a healthy and natural glow while delivering face firming oxygen for a youthful complexion. Bathe your skin in nutrition with their astounding formulation with ingredients such as the mineral rich water from Hokkaido ad plant derived Pentavin that work harmoniously together to sooth, replenish, and moisturise the skin with effects that last to up to three days!

It came to no shock that Morerich won Beauty Insider’s Reader’s Choice 2021 Award for Best Skincare, Best Peel-off Mask this year. With a patented ingredient, the carbon dioxide bubble by Kobe University, which frees your skin from impurities, dirt, and pollutants in your pores when the sodium bicarbonate is activated with water. 

Who is Morerich Pack Suitable For?

Selecting the right products, especially peel off masks, which can be harsh on the skin, is often a challenging task. However, Morerich was formulated to be gentle enough while delivering all the much needed love for your skin, for all skin types! 

If you are particularly concerned with sagging skin, breakouts, blemishes, sunburns, and pigmentation on your skin, Morerich is the solution you’ve been in search for. Additionally, to enhance the effects of this peel off mask, you can add the Morerich Essential Lotion to your routine. 

What Can You Expect with The Morerich Pack?

With the added high quality deep sea water, meeth’s Morerich Pack is their hero product that will plump up your skin, rejuvenate, moisturise without leaving a unflattering shine, all while leaving your skin with an irresistably healthy glow. After use, you will notice and feel a fresher complexion with minimised and clean pores, and a refined sheen. 

Where Can the Morerich Pack Be Purchased?

For $190.00 you can purchase the Moreric Pack on Lazada Singapore, and meeth.

Reviews on the Morerich Pack

The Morerich Pack is loved by all who have tried it out for themselves! Check out what these Beauties have to say about the award winning peel off mask. 

@sheunny_: It has a really soothing rice scent, and a slight cooling sensation despite being kept at room temperature. I had no issues walking around with this mask on, so that’s a bonus 🙂 I genuinely enjoy the whole process of using this mask because it is really relaxing. It also leaves my skin feeling very nourished, smooth, and plump, just like baby skin! 

@lisarosetea: Morerich pack is my top pick because it really makes my skin feel so good after! It’s a carbonated gel that delivers face-firming oxygen to skin and promotes a healthy, natural glow. The ingredients of the gel also helps to keep the skin hydrated for up to 72 hours! Definitely great for my skin

@melissalondonmickey: After using the meeth facial gel pack, I felt the instant rejuvination of my skin. It felt like feeding nutrients to my malnourished ageing skin and instantly reviving🤩 my face!

@glaglathis: Had a super fun time trying out the Morerich Pack which actually contains two sachets of products mixed together to form a cold (!!!!!) carbonated gel that delivers face-firming oxygen to skin promoting a healthy, natural glow. I feel like a rich tai tai using this, my skin also feels super crazy good afterwards

@xianwenpoops: Fun fact! @meethglobal’s Morerich Pack is actually the first peel-off mask I’ve ever applied myself 😁👍🏼Safe to say, it was a refreshing experience as my skin feels fresh, poreless, and glowy after using the product.

Get your hands on the Morerich Pack now and headover to meeth!