Acne Treatment

Your Guide to the Most Popular Acne Facial Treatments that can Help Clear Your Adult Acne

By: Dedet Panabi / March 18, 2019
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Why does Adult Acne Occur?

Adult acne isn’t just common – it can also be more difficult to prevent and treat. Stress and diet worsen pimple-triggering hormones. Our skin takes longer to heal. It’s also harder to find acne products that work. Sometimes the cleansers and creams that helped our teen acne end up irritating or drying out our skin.

That’s why it’s important to take a holistic approach to fighting adult acne. Combine clinically proven skincare ingredients, proper diet, and acne facials and treatments. Here’s what you can do to conquer adult acne for good.

Look for Salicylic Acid

Dermatologists agree that salicylic acid is one of the best ingredients for adult acne. It clears pores and reduces the swelling and redness of your peskiest pimples. Look for skincare products that are made especially for adult women, because our skin is more prone to getting irritated. If you’re new to salicylic acid, start with a 2% concentration and work your way up. And don’t forget to use a hydrating essence and non-comedogenic moisturizer. All acids will dry out your skin, which can hasten ageing and skin damage.   

Try Prescription Retinoids

For severe adult acne, see your dermatologist and get prescription retinoids. The good news is that retinoids can also help stimulate collagen production, so they can also fight ageing!

Unfortunately, prescription retinoids can irritate the skin – which is why you’re better off getting it from a dermatologist who can customize your regimen rather than experimenting with different over-the-counter products. And if you’re starting retinoids, keep the rest of your skincare very gentle. Mixing this with whitening products, exfoliating scrubs, and skin-drying acids are a recipe for redness and irritation!

My Cozy Room

Premium Pore Extraction Facial

Stop picking at your pimples and let a professional do it – gently, meticulously, and effectively. We recommend My Cozy Room Boutique Spa’s’ award-winning extraction facial. It purifies and hydrates your skin, helping to treat existing breakouts and prevent future ones too.

The best part about this facial treatment is that it can help rebalance oily, sensitive and blemish-prone skin. This is also known as the Best Extraction Facial in Singapore so you know they are not fussing about with your acne-prone skin.

“If you have severely clogged pores or acne skin, this is THE facial treatment for you, because their extraction process is very detailed!”

– Juann Ng, Cozy Room customer

Trained facialists remove blackheads and whiteheads, and clear out clogged pores that can develop into pimples.  It also uses a new generation premium alginate mask kit, which uses only natural ingredients that can tighten pores and minimise scarring.

For more information, call My Cozy Room Boutique Spa at  6732-0030, check out their website or visit them at 56A Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229667. It is just behind Paragon Shopping Centre.

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J Studios

Perfect Solution Treatment Programme

Acne Facial Treatment J Studio

This unique facial treatment is a 3-step programme. It aims to reset, repair and rebirth your skin texture and skin cells. By addressing your individual skin concerns from stage to stage, J Studio guarantees improved skin condition in less than 15 days!

The 3 phase process starts with a thorough skin analysis and proposes the best skin treatment for the healthiest skin foundation. Be it redness, enlarged pores or pigmentation, this phase is vital in curing skin of existing skin conditions that could be worsening adult acne.

The next phase aims to repair skin. Often facial treatments can be evasive and if the skin is not strengthened it might cause adverse effects when faced with chemical treatments. This phase rebuilds skin immunity and prevents reverse effects from happening.

Lastly, the final stage aims to provide total skin cell renewal. This aims to scrub out acne and scar removal by rejuvenating skin cells from the deeper layers of the skin.

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Porcelain Face Spa


Porcelain Face Spa does not take skin problems lightly. Dedicated to educating their consumers about how to care for their skin, Porcelain has devised what is called The Porcelain Way. They believe in traditional techniques and state-of-the-technology that are combined to produce what is close to a miracle for your acne ridden skin.

Their award-winning bespoke facial treatment is specifically designed for badly congested skin. Suitable even for sensitive skin, this facial treatment aims to provide an intensive extraction process to clear severely congested pores. With a range of treatments to choose from including the LED Light Therapy and OxySpray, this treatment will target specific skin concerns at the root of the problem.

“My skin feels smoother, cleaner and brighter after treatment. After following up regularly, I can confidently leave my house foundation-free!”

– Isabelle, Cozy Room customer

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What is most important about maintaining long term skincare and preventing a breakout is certain lifestyle changes. It is hard to continue the good work facial therapists do if the long-term health of your skin is not maintained from within. Often a holistic approach to skincare is the best in ensuring longevity.

Watch for diet acne triggers

Diet alone can’t cause acne, but for some women, it can worsen the hormonal imbalances that can trigger breakouts. For example, high glycemic diets (especially with refined carbohydrates like white rice, noodles, and sweets) have been linked  to higher oil production and inflamed follicles. There’s also growing research that dairy can increase your acne risk. (Scientists think it’s because of a protein and hormones found in milk.)  

Keep a food journal and try cutting down chocolates and sugary snacks, white rice and potatoes, and certain fruits. On another month, cut out milk and milk products. See if those diet changes help control your breakouts.

Manage your stress

Stress won’t cause a pimple, but it make existing breakouts a lot worse. That’s because stress hormones like cortisol can cause inflammation and stimulate oil glands. And if your way of managing stress is to binge on cupcakes (or you get so tired that you fall asleep without washing off your makeup) then you know why your zits are getting worse.

You can’t avoid stress but you can keep it under control. Exercise lowers cortisol levels and helps clear out those pores. And if you’re so tired you just can’t deal, wash your face and put on a zit-zapping face mask while watching a funny show.