5 Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore You Should Consider Now

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When it comes to the most popular  aesthetic treatments, you can bet that non-invasive “lunchtime treatments” are still all the rage. The most searched non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the ones that have little to no downtime and no incisions. It is both more affordable than plastic surgery and also easier to work into a busy schedule. If it can be done during lunch break, even better. Here are the five trending non-invasive treatments you need to consider now.

Threadlift at Clifford Clinic

First on the list is the threadlift. Just as the name suggests, this no incision procedure uses minimally invasive threads to lift sagging skin. It also tightens skin and is best for the cheekbone area, brows, jowls, and upper neck. A threadlift looks very natural and the whole procedure is only 30 minutes long.

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Hair Removal at IDS Clinic

This treatment still continues to be a favorite to this day because truthfully, who enjoys a weekly appointment to deal with unwanted body hair? To get the best results of hair removal, you will need to schedule multiple treatments. You can space your treatments four to 12 weeks apart. It is painless but a topical anesthetic can be applied just to reduce patient’s discomfort.

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Ulthera at Radium Medical Aesthetics

Those who wish for a slimmer face via non-invasive treatment still prefer the Ultherapy most likely because it produces great results. Ulthera sends high intensity ultrasound into the deep layers of the skin to melt fat. It also tightens skin. The result therefore is a slimmer face without the sagging skin. Who does not want that?

Fans of the Korean popular V-shaped face also opt for this non-surgical treatment. Also those who are dealing with sagging jowls and those who want a defined jawline.

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Laser Treatments for Acne Scars at Mendis Aesthetics

Mendis Aesthetics uses fractional resurfacing technology to reduce wrinkles and scarring. It can also be used for sun-damage skin and aging skin restoration. The technology delivers thousands of microscopic beams that works on both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. As a result, skin is toned, colour is improved, and skin texture is better.

The entire procedure from start to finish only lasts an hour. After a few hours, the redness will naturally subside.

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UltraShape V3 at Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

Last on the list is this Korean aesthetic clinic in Singapore’s non-surgical body treatment for fat reduction. UltraShape V3 also uses ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells. Therefore surrounding tissue, nerves, and muscle are unharmed. This treatment is great for reducing fat in the thighs and abdomen.

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