Some people are blessed to be born with full-feathery brows, others not so much. Though, having two sets of perfect looking brows are truly the highlight when it comes to makeup. People will notice the shape—and the state—of your brows before anything else. Truly. Brows play such a vital role in emphasizing your facial structure, that’s why it is important for us, beauty nerds, to take it seriously. 

Anyway, compared to the good ole’ 90’s or 80’s era where celebrities and models were dying to have their brows plucked, maintaining those thin, perfectly sculptured effects, um now? We’re totally after those fuller, feathery looks. This trend is all about prolonging the natural shape of your brows, creating minimal almost visible strokes. Hm, literally less is more. A trend that we all can get behind. But the only concern is—as mentioned earlier—this process may be effortless for those who are naturally born (and blessed) with having full brows, but what about those who have none? 

We at Beauty Insider have been working day and night to find the perfect solution for and thankfully, we got them. We found the secrets from none other than Hollywood’s most trusted makeup artist, Patrick Ta on how to achieve those fake-feathery looking brows. Keep reading!

Get Familiar With Your Brows

Patrick Ta began by saying, ‘’Eyebrow complete a look’’, no doubt. Hence, he said it is important to have a good-looking brow, because a good brow will further enhance your facial structures. In order to fully understand your brow, Patrick urged you to play around with different products and techniques. You can’t be relying on one certain product and expect the results to go your way. Eyebrow products came in different forms—gel, pencil, liner. The choice is yours. Switching up gears and products help to determine the results of your makeup. 

And before you go about drawing your brows, you need to understand and get familiar with the actual shape of your brow, which products suit you the most and most importantly the shade that you’re choosing. He suggested that you start slowly, find the momentum and the delicateness of your hand to carefully master the art of filling in your brows. It’s gonna take a while but once you find its rhythm you’ll be unstoppable!

Brush Your Brows Upwards

Another trick to keep in mind is to always, always, always, brush your brows—before applying brow products,in between applying brow products and after you finalize your brow looks. If you want to create a bushy brow effect, make sure to coat them with a brow gel after application. Patrick even agreed, there are not many brow gels available that can actually hold your brows in places. You need to look into products that don’t smudge and last all day long. Especially for Asians brows, where our makeup products tend to get oily and runny throughout the day due to the sunny weather we live in. 

Patrick suggests at the beginning, pushing your brows downwards first with the spoolie to help mould the look and then after a few seconds, brush them upwards, this time it will separate your brow hair, giving them a thicker illusion. In order to achieve that fluffy looking brow, please do not skip this step. Leaving your brows un-brushed will make them look flat and dully. We don’t want that. So make sure to keep them hairs in tack in order to get the bushy effect you desire. 

Elongate Your Brows

When the 29-years-old makeup artist revealed this secret, we’re not gonna lie, we were actually shook. The next step he said, instead of arching your brows downwards like most girls did (we are guilty), he said you need to elongate the shape or the length of your brows. Surprising! In his own words, by bringing the tail of your brows upward, it will give a more natural look and not to mention, stretching and lifting the appearance of your face. Good call. 

In terms of choosing a shade, Patrick said pick a colour that is at least one shade lighter than your actual hair colour. Not darker, not similar but lighter. We suggest you invest in not one but two of a cult favourite in the brow game: Benefit Precisely My Brow or Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Reason because these two are considered the most beginner-friendly brow products compared to others. They’re easy to apply and soft enough to help you get those natural brow effects and illusions.

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