Caffeine is undoubtedly a tried-and-tested source of energy. Whether you’re getting ready to conquer the day, powering through an afternoon lull, or hitting the gym. Caffeine is known to be the world’s most widely utilised psychoactive substance, yes, especially in the morning. However, excessive caffeine use is also connected with undesirable side effects such as heart palpitations, sleeplessness, and indigestion. 

Although there is no lack of caffeinated drinks promising to boost your energy and attention, you should be aware that there are alternatives. Even if you have control over your coffee use, it is useful to know that there are vitamins and supplements that can help you feel more energised throughout the day. Clinical studies have demonstrated that vitamins, minerals, and botanical supplements can provide an energy boost without the danger of caffeine dependency or negative effects.

Beauty Insider is all about practising healthy lifestyles. While we don’t ask you to permanently ditch your cup of coffee in the morning, we suggest you to minimise caffeine intake and replace them with these best multivitamins in Singapore—promising to keep you feeling energised all day, everyday. 

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Why We Should Take Multivitamins

Multivitamins have become critical for improving our health and extending our lives. It is required for enhancing energy production, lowering stress and mental and physical exhaustion, improving blood and nerve cell health, encouraging metabolism, improving our cardiovascular and digestive systems, regulating hormone health, and guarding against chronic inflammation and illness. But, perhaps most importantly, we need them to help us maintain high energy levels so that we can execute all of our everyday tasks and duties in the most efficient and productive way possible.

How Often Should We Take Multivitamins?

Vitamins are ideal for increasing your energy levels since they are derived from the food you consume and transformed into energy, reducing stress and inflammation, cleansing your body of pollutants, and allowing you to employ your dietary resources for energy generation. The number of vitamins you require is determined by your living patterns, but even taking a pre-curated mix may make a significant impact on your energy state. Certain lifestyle variables do impact how certain vitamins and minerals are absorbed, but knowing which vitamins assist build energy in your cells may help you make smarter supplement selections.

Best Multivitamins To Consume In The Morning

1. Euglena P-3

You can definitely trust Euglena P-3 to increase your nutritional and energy levels. It is a nutritionally complete microalgae that provides you with 60 essential elements to keep your body in peak form by filling any gaps in your diet. It also boosts your immune system because the Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Paramylon and Zinc present, work together to give you the best immune defence against viruses and infections. Studies showed that regular use will also improve brain function speed and exercise agility. Ideal for addressing common nutritional deficiencies in vegans and vegetarians. 

Price: $ 120.00 

Where to buy: HealthPro

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2. KORDEL’S Superfoods Multivitamins

Take one of Kordel’s Superfood Multivitamins everyday to satisfy your nutrient needs! It contains all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and superfood mixes to boost the body’s energy levels, immunological functioning, and bone health. People who are sensitive to nicotinic acid may have moderate and transitory flushing of the skin.

Price: $ 69.00

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3. Holistic Way Timed-Release Mega Multi Once A Day

Holistic Way Timed-Release Mega Multi Once A Day provides 60 pills containing all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. It’s made using timed-release technology and contains nutrients that will keep you going all day. Holistic Way Timed-Release Mega Multi Once A Day is a strong all-in-one complete supplement. This award-winning multivitamin has no artificial colours or preservatives and is safe for vegetarians.

Price: $ 33.75

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4. Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals

These Blackmores multivitamins provide all of the essential supplements that an adult requires to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time, our food is insufficient to give our bodies the vitamins, minerals, and supplements they require to function properly.

Price: $ 55.00

Where to buy: Blackmores Singapore

5. Nature’s Way Multivitamin with Antioxidants

These multivitamins, which include 23 vitamins and supplements, give you with the vitamins you require each day. If you have a hectic lifestyle and tend to overlook your nutrition and health, you can now manage it with only a tablet. We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet when taking this drug, but if you don’t, these pills are an option. Additionally, greater energy, less weariness, and improved immunity are some of the additional advantages.

Price: $ 21.98

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

6. Ocean Health Multivitamin & Minerals

These multivitamins, which include 31 different vitamins and minerals to help you get through the day, also help you live an active and healthy lifestyle. They also provide you with an energy boost during the day, and you will notice that your immune system has been reinforced over time.

Price: $ 69.90

Where to buy: Guardian Singapore

7. Centrum Advanced Multivitamin

These multivitamins provide the nutrients you require, especially if you are an adult with a hectic lifestyle. We are all too frequently so preoccupied with work that our diet suffers as a result. As a result, we are deficient in vitamins, which our bodies require. These pills are designed to not only raise your immunity but also to increase your energy levels, strengthen your cognitive processes, and keep your bones and eyes healthy.

Price: $ 25.40

Where to buy: Guardian Singapore

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