NANO Care (NCare)

Bio Light Therapy – A special light ray that boosts self-renewing capacity of skin.
It raises activity of immune cells through increasing micro circulation (blood flow) and also helps recovery, enhancement of antibodies, and anti inflammation.

Ion Treatment (Electroporation) – Supplies nutrition to skin and makes the skin healthy. Absorption of effective components of cosmetics into skin that the components pass through cell membranes. Only ionized electronic charges can pass through the cell membranes.
Roles of cathode (-) – To promote blood circulation and absorption of nutrition in dry and aged skin.
Roles of anode (+) – To prevent inflammation after treatment and to eliminate waste matters.

Nano Therapy – Skin pores related to cell activation allows specific ions to pass through.
Solutions will work only on the corneum if they are applied by normal methods. But, if they are nanosized and sprayed, they will soak into the dermis and help synthesis of skin cells. When the nanosized solutions are sprayed, anions are generated.