Natural & Painless Microblading for Your #Brownsonfleek Moment- only at Jo Artysan

By: / November 21, 2019
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There is much controversy over microblading . This semi-permanent makeup option had garnered much public discussion mainly for two reasons; it can be painful and the outcome might not be what you want. We went on the hunt and found Jo Artysan, one of Singapore’s premier eyebrow embroidery salons with quick, painless and completely natural looking eyebrow embroidery.

First off, what is Microblading?


Mircoblading is all about creating the best shape for your face with soft, featherweight strokes. At Jo Artysan, they mimic natural hair strokes to create a natural and customised eyebrow for you.

Is Microblading Painful?

It can be for some people. However, good eyebrow embroidery salons use safe and effective tools such as numbing creams. Jo Artysan’s eyebrow therapists apply a numbing cream for 15 minutes so that you do not feel the pain from microblading.

Is Microblading Permanent?


It will last for 1-2 years with proper care and regular touch ups. As this is a long lasting solution, it is important to go to a trusted eyebrow embroidery salon. Jo Artysan customises their microblading services to the customer. Be it soft brown shades or a stronger charcoal shade- Jo Artysan has it all

Consultation at Jo Artysan

Boon Ki was one of our trial team members who was looking for a barely there, natural solution to try out microblading for the first time. She noted that she wanted a natural solution to her sparse brows. She even divulged the eyebrow pencil she uses on an everyday basis. Jo herself personally recommended the microblading + shading technique which allows for the most natural outcome.

The most important difference between tattooing your eyebrows and microblading is to follow the face shape. Most therapists fail at this part, however, at Jo Artysan they customise the length, width and arch of the brow as close to your natural brow shape as possible. This is what results in a fuller brow and even bigger eyes!

The Microblading + Shading Treatment at Jo Artysan

Step One: Numbing Cream

The first step of any treatment at Jo Artysan is of course a thorough consultation. After which numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area and left to set in for 15 minutes. “It’s completely painless! I even fell asleep!”, Boon Ki reported after her treatment. So if you are worried about the pain, fret not at Jo Artysan.

Step Two: Drawing out the Eyebrow Template

While the numbing cream is setting in the eyebrow specialist uses her tools to work out the face shape, eyebrow shape and exact length of the eyebrow. With each step, the customer can ask to see the progress to ensure that everything is as expected.

Step Three: Microblading Process Begins

After which, its time to begin microblading. Tiny needles implant pigment to the hand-drawn strokes to blend seamlessly with your natural brows. The chosen colour pigment during the consultation is used and you can slowly watch your eyebrows come to life!

Step Four: Applying Final Layer of Pigment

A last layer of pigment is applied to ensure that the result is not patchy and that every stroke from the needle is filled with a natural pigment resulting in a full but oh-so natural eyebrow finish!

And voila!

Look at how amazing natural these brows are! Boon Ki herself had nothing but compliments for her everyday, super natural brow look! (As she called it)

Check out the before and after effects of Microblading + Shading Treatment at Jo Artysan and the entire process in the video below.

We love how Jo specially customised the microblading pigment and treatment to Boon Ki’s specific requests to ensure a happy and great first time microblading customer experience!

Jo Artysan is a conveniently located eyebrow embroidery salon that has serviced the likes of celebrities and influencers alike. They have a team of committed artits all hand trained by Jo herself who is passionate and warm about providing good service to sparse brows girls like Boon Ki.

Price: Brow services starting from S$450 for ( Artist ) and S$650 (Director ) – U.P S$899

Location: 220 Orchard Rd, #01-03, Singapore 238852

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm

Contact Number: +65 88892880

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