Scared of Needles? Try this Needle-Free Line Filler!

Some women aren’t ready for injectable fillers. Some are afraid of injections, or have a low tolerance for pain.

In 2016, Fillerina tapped this market by releasing a gel filler that could be applied using a special applicator with a metal truncated tip. It was the DIY, no-needle alternative to the lip plumpers and cheek volumizers that were taking the aesthetics industry by storm. This was sold as a DIY treatment to consumers.

What is Fillerina Plus?

But Fillerina has taken it to the next level. The brand has launched a medical-grade formula called Fillerina Plus. This is availably only at doctor’s clinics and must be administered by trained aesthetics experts. US doctors are scrambling to get this formula, which offers a painless alternative to injectibles.

What are the different Fillerina formulas?

  • Fillerina 1. For initial lines and to plump the cheeks and lips
  • Fillerina 2. For fine lines and a slight loss of volume in the cheekbones and lips
  • Fillerina 3. For moderate wrinkles and moderate volume loss in the lips and cheeks
  • Fillerina 4. Treats deep-set wrinkles and smooths the look of sagging around the cheekbones and lips)
  • Fillerina 5. Treats extreme sagging around the cheekbones and lips

How does Fillerina work?

Fillerina uses tiny hyaluronic acid molecules that are able to penetrate to the dermis and visibly transform the surface of the skin. The new clinical formulas contain 8 different kinds of hyaluronic acid molecules.

How can aesthetic doctors use Fillerina?

Doctors have high praises for this unique delivery system. “We have been so pleased with the patient response to Fillerina Plus,” says Washington D.C. plastic surgeon, Paul Ruff MD, founder of West End Plastic Surgery. “With 8 different hyaluronic acids of varying size, the effective penetration is enhanced significantly.”

He adds that he often recommends Fillerina Plus to patients who have expressed interest in laser resurfacing or structural fillers, but have reservations about the pain and downtime. He also recommends this as a complementary treatment to patients who had injectibles but had residual wrinkles because of their poor skin quality. It can also be used to prolong the effect of fillers by adding another layer of hyaluronic acid.

Results last for about 3 months.

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