Never Miss These Makeup Steps if You Have Oily Skin

Never Miss These Makeup Steps if You Have Oily Skin

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Does your skin appear dry in the morning and turn greasy by midday? If yes, then you have a combination or oily skin type.

Having this skin type makes it hard to find the right skincare and makeup products. At the same time, it’s also tough to keep everything in place all day. If you’re one of the women who have oily skin, here are the makeup and skincare steps you shouldn’t miss:  

Start with the skincare regime

While makeup aims to make your face beautiful, you must keep your skin healthy. The only thing that can break a good makeup is bad skin.


For those who have oily skin, begin your makeup with a skincare routine that fits your needs. Apply toner to clear the dirt in your face before putting on an oil-free moisturiser. Let your skin absorb the moisturiser for at least two minutes. Doing so will reduce the keep the makeup from sliding off your face.

Next, put on a primer.  The primer ensures that the makeup you wear stays all day. It’s a must do step when you have oily or combination skin type. Skip it if you have dry skin in the morning because it will make your foundation patchy.


Do your eye makeup

As you wait for your primer to set on your skin, do your eye makeup. Apply an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids to prevent the makeup from falling out when your skin gets oily. Then, you can wear your eyeshadow.


Clean all the eyeshadow powder fallout before going to the next step. You don’t want these coloured powder to mess up with your makeup later in the day.


Apply less foundation on your oily skin

The next step is to apply foundation. One rule applies here. If your foundation can cover all the skin imperfections you wish to hide, you can skip the concealer. Less makeup is always better for people with oily skin.

Then, set your foundation and concealer with powder. It will keep oiliness at bay for hours. Don’t over-powder as it will make your face cakey, old, and unnatural.


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Complete your look

People with oily to a combination skin type must use powder contour and blushes. After applying your foundation and setting powder, start contouring and highlighting your face.


Then, dust some blush on your cheeks to get a little glow.


If you need to enhance the shape and thickness of your eyebrow, do it now.


Finally, line your lips and fill it up with your chosen lip color. The lip liner will help you achieve a bold and fuller lip look like those of Kylie Jenner. Mattify your lips by placing a tissue over your lips and dabbing a bit of translucent powder (or baby powder) over it. The tissue will absorb the excess oil from the lipstick and will help retain it’s colour even if you put powder over it.


At the end of the day, it is important to follow a step by step makeup routine when you have oily skin. This is to ensure that your makeup doesn’t slide off easily when your face gets a little greasy.


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