Clarins,  the  expert  in  plant  science  and  skincare, is  proud  to  unveil  a  new  campaign of  its  iconic  Double Serum – The  Golden  Standard  of  Youthful  Looking  Skin – featuring  renowned  Chinese  actress  and  Clarins’ Asia – Pacific  Skin Care  Spokesperson, Dilireba. Specially  formulated  with  21  plant  ingredients, the  unique hydrolipidic  and  biomimetic  double  formula  stimulates the  five  vital  functions for firm,  smooth, and  radiant skin.

Below Beauty Insider is proud to announce the newly-launched from Clarins. 

Clarins Double Serum

Golden Innovation

With more  than 30 years  of  research  and  expertise,  Clarins  Double  Serum  is  the  brand’s  most potent Anti – ageing  formula  yet. Skin  youthfulness  decreases  with  time, with  internal  and  external aggressors  like stress, pollution,  and  lifestyle  habits being  the  primary  contributors  to  skin  ageing. It  is  essential  to preserve  skin health  and  youthfulness  with  an  effective,  all-rounded  anti-ageing  treatment  to  respond  to changes  in skin cells and needs.

Golden Botanical Ingredients

Clarins  Double  Serum  is  an  innovative  formulation  made  with  21 powerful plant extracts in an optimal concentration to address five vital skin functions: hydration,  nutrition,  oxygenation,  protection,  and  revitalisation. Turmeric,  in particular, contains  65 %  turmerone – a  natural  plant  extract which  has significant antioxidant activity. With oxidative stress as one of the parameters that  lead  to skin  ageing, Turmeric, together with  the  other  20  potent  plant ingredients, increases the body’s antioxidative system to reduce inflammation, pigmentation, fine lines and  wrinkles, boosting  the skin’s  youth  power keeping it firm, smooth, and radiant.

Clarins Double Serum

Golden Ratio

The  youth-boosting  formula  of  Double  Serum  is nestled  in  an  elegant  bottle  featuring  two separate vials  to  keep  the  golden  serum  stable,  ensuring  its maximum anti-ageing efficacy.  The  inner  vial holds  the  lipidic  phase  containing  oil-soluble  ingredients,  while  the exterior  vial  holds  the hydric  phase  containing  water-soluble  ingredients. The  lipidic  and  hydric  concentrate  mix  seamlessly, and   blend   easily   upon   application. The   formula absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it silky-smooth and nourished.

Additionally, the adjustable  pump applicator  creates the  option  to  customise  the  amount (0.22ml for  a bigger dose of serum or 0.14ml for a smaller dose of serum) dispensed  based  on  skin  type,  climate, or personal preference.

Golden Results

With 65 – years of anti – ageing expertise, Clarins’ Double Serum is a complete anti – ageing treatment regardless of  age,  skin  tone,  and  skin  type.  In  a  consumer  satisfaction  study  amongst  362  multi-ethnic women panel across  all  skin  types,  has  shown  positive  results.  The  powerful  formula  has  proved  to  be  effective  in age-control concerns with women reporting overall satisfaction with 91% smoother skin, 87% more radiant skin, and 81% firmer skin after four weeks of use.

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins  Double  Serum  is  a  golden  innovation  that  stood  the  test  of  time.  As  the  eighth  edition  and  most powerful formula since its first launch in 1985, Double Serum has proved to be a well – loved, golden standard of  youthful  looking  skin.  It  retails  at  S$125  for  30ml  and  S$170  for  50ml,  and  it  is  available  at  all  Clarins boutiques, counters, and

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