Rose Petal Salve

Beauty Must Have: The Best Do-It-All Balm You Should Get This Christmas

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I always try to start the day with moisturizing my skin and my lips because I mean, who wants crusty lips. No one. With so many balms on the shelves, I stick to one of my favorites, also a cult beauty favorite, the Rose and Co Rose Petal Salve.

The Rose Petal Salve is more than a lip balm and acts more of a beauty balm that can be used for just about anything. It is natural, not tested on animals and vegan-friendly. This cult beauty favorite is available in Singapore (Yay!) and retails at all Naiise outlets.

The balm wins at packaging with its pretty pink tin and is the perfect size to keep handy in your bag or purse. The tin is a little treat in itself, with an elegant turn-of-the-century design.

The rose scented salve smells like pure rose and definitely not like the chemical ones you get in other acclaimed rose products. Like any other balms, I would not recommend you taste it because it does taste floral so perhaps you can give that a miss.

I use this balm probably less than five times a day, which is shockingly less compared to other balms (Also because putting on a lip balm can be quite addictive). It keeps the lips moisturized for a good three to four hours and puts dryness at bay which means less re-application.

It glides like a dream on my lips, and sinks in really nicely. It does not feel too heavy on the lips and not greasy which is perfect because the last thing you need is to have a big goop on your lips. It’s consistency is perfect especially if you work in an office with strong air conditioning, as the balm keeps them moisturized comfortably.

It looks pink in the tin, but it does not leave a tint and is not visible on the lips (Unless you are really fair). For those who finishes off their look with a balm, this gives you the natural, healthy glow that makes your lips look moisturized, plump and soft. Yes, please.

If you are obsessed and constantly using matte lipsticks as I am, this balm will be a god sent for you. A great quick tip is to use your toothbrush and brush your lips gently with a small amount of salve and voi la, smooth lips. The balm contains sweet almond oil, beeswax, and petrolatum which are perfect to keep your lips soft and smooth.

If you don’t have time, just pop this on your chapped lips during the day and you’ll feel the difference almost immediately.

I use it as a primer to prep my lips before anything else for a smooth application. On some days, I wear it as a glossy coat over my nude lipstick and it gives me a nice sheen over the lips.

Other than the lips, I love applying them on my cheekbones as a natural highlight. This is perfect if you are looking for a dewy look which is in trend right now. Try applying them under the brow bone and cupids bow to accentuate those high points of your face for the perfect glow. You can even try the editorial look by applying them on the eyelids for some extra glossy lids.

With ingredients like beeswax, the balm has more than just beauty uses and works to moisturize the skin. Keep this handy in your bag and massage them into your cuticles, elbows, and knees to moisturize the dry areas. It works for emergencies too when you have insect bites and blisters as it helps to calm and soothe the skin.

With so many balms available now, you should definitely give the Rose and Co Rose Petal Salve a try.

Good news! Rose and Co will be having 10% off for each purchase so you can share with a friend, or get both.  You can get them in all Naiise outlets starting December. Trust me, it’s the only one you’ll need.

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