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Interview: Night Owl Cinematics Share Their Passion And “Like A Boss” Moments

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We’re always on the hunt for young, hungry and talented individuals who take pride and passion in their work — and turning the topic into a conversation with others never seems to let us down. Whatever it is, learning about other people’s creative process can be super informative — not to mention, pretty inspiring. Of course, we turned to Youtubers! Injecting Singapore humour into their videos, this channel which has a devoted following of over 800k subscribers (Hint: #TeamNoc), charms fans with their larger-than-life personality, which can be seen in full force with the characters they play in their Youtube videos.

That said, we got the chance to sit down with none other than the popular local Youtube channel, Night Owl Cinematic founders, and general badasses Ryan and Sylvia to talk all things creative, future plans, and how they give back to the community. Not only did we learn some fascinating trivia about the duo, but we also walked away with a few beauty tips from the NOC Girls! So do yourself a favour: check out some of the most standout moments from our interview with Night Owl Cinematics, below.

Beauty Insider: When you started Night Owl Cinematics, did you expect it to grow to this large and loyal following today?

Ryan: To be honest, not really. When we started this channel it was purely for fun away from our main gig . We didn’t take the platform so seriously but it soon became a natural transition for us to focus on it full time. After our 3rd video went viral, we started gaining traction and our talents were being approached by brands. I kind of just stopped and was like, “Wow, that’s how commercialising a channel works.” Our jobs got bigger and that’s where we are today.

Beauty Insider: What are some things you do to get inspiration and kickstart your creative process?

Ryan: It’s actually a combination of things — whatever they may be — that I really connect to for the creative process and feel comfortable doing. I take from my life experiences and my woke sense of comedy. I actually met Steven Lim from Buzzfeed and I applied some of his work philosophies to my own business.

Beauty Insider: What advice would you give to those who are actively pursuing a career on Youtube, yet, receiving a lack of support from the industry or those around them?

Ryan: When we started Night Owl Cinematics, it was at a time where there were little to none commercial youtube channels. The odds were very much against us towards succeeding but we worked hard to push the boundaries. Now, traditional media has steadily become more accepting of digital media outlets, content creators and influencers. It’s much easier now to infiltrate the media industry sphere so I really feel like, hard work pays off.

Sylvia: Even if you do your due diligence and research, its important to at least intern at a company that specialises in the type of media you’re keen on. Because that’s the whole point: you have to have a passion for it and really feel like, this is where I’m supposed to be. It’s your responsibility to prove that what you’re pursuing isn’t just a faze out of your 5 or 6 other interests.

Beauty Insider: How do you plan to take Night Owl Cinematics to the next level?

Ryan: I want to survive. I’m thankful for where we are…but it’s a priority for myself and the team to keep a sane mind with the amount of work we have.

night owl cinematics

Beauty Insider: What’s the best thing about being a Youtuber/entrepreneur — the money, the power or the freedom?

Sylvia: Well… If you’re talking about power, I don’t really justify it as having power but more of having an outlet to push out messages we as a team feel are important. Night Owl Cinematics actually does a lot of other work towards youth empowerment and even entrepreneurship. I mean, being a public figure on YouTube gives me such amazing opportunities. With this, I say, “Why not use my platform? It’s a waste not to use our influence for something good or to inspire others.” As far as freedom goes? We pretty much work 24/7.

Beauty Insider: Being a busy modern woman, you organise many shoots and star in the videos. How do you balance your skincare routine?

Sylvia: My skin used to pretty bad a few years ago. It’s actually…I sort of gave up on it. But being in front of the camera, I had to make it more of a priority. Now, I make a visit to the dermatologist every ¼ year to get a proper skin evaluation. I lean more to gently skin brands like Kiehls.

Beauty Insider: How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Sylvia: Confidence. Yes, definitely. Being able to have the freedom and attitude to carry yourself. I believe you need to be constantly learning; working a lot, failing, and learning from your mistakes. By putting yourself in a position to learn, that’s how you feel empowered and inspired to do things your own way.

Beauty Insider: What beauty products can be found in your bag that makes you feel put together, “like a boss”?

Sylvia: Oh, eyebrows are very important to me. Brows must be snatched. For those “like a boss” moments? Red lipstick. When I come in with red lipstick my staff are like, “Sylvia has things to do.” It’s sort of a powerhouse beauty move of mine.

night owl cinematics

Beauty Insider: If you’re planning to go overseas, what are the beauty products you have to bring along with you?

Aurelia: It definitely depends on where I’m going. I take into consideration if I’m going to be taking a lot of pictures. Probably my Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay, concealer, lipstick and bronzer.

Grace: I’ll bring pretty much everything because I’ll feel uncomfortable if I miss out any beauty products. Some of the items I’ll definitely bring on the plane are Anessa’s sunblock, Mac’s concealer and any facial mist!

Joanna: It’s generally my makeup essentials: foundation, concealer, eyeliner. Oh, my SKII cleansing foam and overnight mask.

night owl cinematics

Beauty Insider: Do you have any inspiring female role models that motivate you?

Aurelia: For me, it’s Emilia Clarke. I love her. Not only is she super talented but she also takes charge when she needs to. Yet she still has this adorable accent to her personality. She inspires me to be more confident.

Grace: My mother and probably Pony Makeup.

Joanna: Not really.

night owl cinematics

Beauty Insider: What do you love most about being in Night Owl Cinematic Youtube videos?

Aurelia: I feel like being able to contribute content and to entertain others, that’s what makes my job rewarding and super fun.

Grace: It’s interesting to express a different persona on screen and I enjoy acting in roles that are very unlike me in real life.

Joanna: To be able to act like the character you don’t get to be daily. I’m not as girly as how I appear in YouTube videos.

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