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Mamas, we are talking to YOU! Are you expectant with child and seeking the best post natal home massage services? Have you had a C-section delivery and being denied a post natal massage? Are you struggling with how to lose the weight gained post pregnancy? Let us introduce Nouri Face & Body Concepts, acclaimed as one of Singapore’s long established, trustworthy and reliable providers in delivering the best results on postpartum recovery and weight loss. The many genuinely positive reviews of their amazing post natal massage from satisfied customers prove them the holy grail of pre & post pregnancy care services since its inception in 2001.

Seriously, look at the reviews rendered by real customers!

Interesting fact : in its early days, Nouri Face & Body Concepts , (also known as Nourifbc) paved the way in bringing salon quality beauty treatments, pregnancy care and postpartum massage to mothers in their confinement period. Providing a fusion of modern technology and customised Peranakan herbal wraps, they were the first in Singapore to bring effective weight loss solutions right at the doorstep of customers’ homes.

We understand that as more alternatives have joined the industry offering unbelievably low prices,  selecting a reliable home based post natal massage treatment after giving birth is not an easy feat.

That is right, a staggering 90% of the inquiry are from those who have sought cheaper alternatives and were disappointed with the lack of results.

Mothers-to-be often get confused and find themselves being lured into purchasing cheap post natal massage packages from crowded baby fair booths offering ‘event discounts’, when in fact, the intention was to shop for baby supplies.

Freelance massage therapists who have graduated from courses that are heavily subsidised have become ‘highly recommended’ in forums due to the low prices / longer duration offered.

Little did these mothers know, their treatments may be performed by this group of freelancers for practice till they (therapist) gain more hands on knowledge and experience experience.

So, what is a new mum to do?


Did we mention that Nouri Face & Body Concepts recently won the hearts of our readers and is the recipient of Beauty Insider’s Award for providing the Best Postnatal Massage in Singapore?

With their strong mission in providing good quality home based post natal massages all over Singapore, and the vision in helping all women to regain their ideal weight through their customised programs, Nourifbc has been pampering and helping thousands of mothers to regain their postpartum good health and fitness safely and efficiently.

If you want the absolute solution in getting back your pre- pregnancy shape in a safe, healthy and relaxing way, right in your home, results oriented treatments are found in the advanced slimming massage methods available at Nourifbc.

Their one of a kind specialized programs certainly do much more than the common ‘one size fits all’ methods found in other establishments.


Nouri Face & Body Concepts proudly introduces the very pretty and multi talented Michelle Hon who graces this feature with her beauty and elegance.

Michelle Hon is a mother of three and she has founded multiple 6-figures businesses. She’s often a speaker at motherhood and parenting events and most recognised as @thechillmom, sought-after key opinion leader for women.

She’s the author of The Chill Mom: How to go from anxious expectant mother to relaxed, confident mom.

She has been featured on The Asian Entrepreneurs, The Asian Parent, and Lifetime Asia and Asian Money Guide amongst others. She appears as the pregnancy body image expert and host on the television documentary series, ‘Man Birth’ on Channel 5, Singapore.

Her latest project is Wonder Moms – a mumpreneur mentorship program to help stay-at-home-moms who feel stuck to find their purpose and start their own dream lifestyle business, so they can earn an income and live their best mom life. Find out more about Michelle at and


Personalisation with proven method

The folks at Nouri Face & Body Concepts understand that welcoming a newborn is a wonderful and yet, at the same time, overwhelming experience for a new mother. The transition of having more responsibilities take its toll on her skin, figure, as well as physical and mental health. With the shifts in hormones, one’s natural radiance and energy levels can suffer.

Increasingly, women are now seeking out non- invasive methods to lose weight safely. These methods need to be effective too, and this is where a good quality post natal slimming massage in the home is recommended.

Delivery an element of the Peranakan heritage to you, minus the calories, right to your home!

Using a diverse blend of it’s secret Peranakan family recipes, authentic techniques from Java and sound knowledge in TCM confinement practices, each session of a post partum massage with Nourifbc is about nurturing you through the physiological process of the confinement period, helping you regain lost self esteem, preventing the manifestation of post natal depression, a condition which alarmingly, is becoming common amongst women in Singapore, due to the hectic and stressful lifestyle.

From jamu wraps, tummy binding, baby massages, engorgement / lactation care to its latest addition, its signature VSPA vaginal tightening service, this A-team on wheels travels to all parts of Singapore and has got you covered on ALL of your post partum needs

Nourifbc understands the specific needs of its customers

After having a baby, it is a time of many physical changes. Many experience a lack of self esteem and feel depressed upon seeing that their bodies have undergone the trauma of pregnancy. It is common to experience a flabby belly that has been stretching for the past nine months.

Very often, there is also the worrying appearance of skin pigmentation, appearing as dark patches, on the skin of the belly, underarms and groin areas, usually caused by hormonal changes.

For ease of convenience, customers may purchase the post natal recovery massage online from the website or through the help of their support team. For those who seek a more personalised approach, they may make an appointment to visit their office to seek advice from our qualified professionals.

From loose flab on the belly to a body that has expanded beyond three dress sizes from pregnancy, the team at Nourifbc have the extensive experience in analysing many different conditions and understand all of this thoroughly. They will certainly be able to provide a good guide in helping you to select the most suitable combination of post natal massage treatments to meet your desired goals and requirements.

We recommend two of their highly requested signature treatments, they are:

Home Jamu Massage for Post natal Slimming 60 minutes (also available in post C-sect and miscarriage version)

Experiencing a soothing and aromatic recovery massage is a marvelous way to feel “at home” in your new post childbirth body.

Nourifbc ’s highly qualified consultants are trained to understand the specific muscular aches and pains that are associated with post pregnancy, labour, lochea, lactation, and the strains of taking care of a newborn.

Nourifbc’s javanese soothing recovery post natal massage is offered home based and serves up a multitude of benefits to the mother – pampering, and yet effective too.

Engaging the team for recovery jamu massage in the comforts of your home, helps lessen anxiety over the care for baby and / or an older child, eases sore muscles from labour, and promotes the new mother’s health.

Their wholistic style of post natal therapy is comprehensive, comprising detailed consultation on the TCM aspects of the condition of the lady’s health, authentic Javanese massage and tummy binding techniques and hand formulated Peranakan herbal oils to provide maximum care to relieve post pregnancy’ s common discomforts.

Honest to goodness secret family recipes, the Peranakan Shaping Oil is non- comedogenic and not sticky in texture, leaving one’s skin toned and silky.

Their customers have praised the heavenly scents of the oils! The natural extracts are safe for nursing mums, effectively elevating hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels, eases exhaustion, and assists mothers towards effective weight loss.

Through regular sessions of the home recovery jamu massage package, their satisfied customers have noted the following benefits:

●Recovery of sore and tired muscles

●Recovery of spinal cord post pregnancy

●Relieves pain from breast engorgement.

●Repositions the uterus back into place

●Rejuvenates saggy skin that has been stretched from pregnancy

●Revives poor blood circulation

●Release symptoms of post natal depression such as tension caused by lack of sleep

Traditional hands on massages, though highly reviewed and favored by mothers in Singapore, for providing relief and calm, may not be fully effective on ‘belly fat’.  

Whilst providing pampering care with hands- on therapy, massages may not effectively break down stubborn fat deposits on the belly area, Nouri Face & Body Concepts innovated a safe, comfortable and non- invasive method that surpasses a manual slimming massage by at least 20 times.

Belly flab begone! Nouri Face & Body Concepts was the first in Singapore to introduce results oriented home based slimming and post natal weight loss packages to mothers. Expect salon grade results from their full body slimming program right in the comforts of your own home!

They are the only company in Singapore that requires their consultants to be proficient in the study of anatomy & physiology of the human body to operate the equipment. You can be assured that the results from the use of the vibrational slimming equipment during the tummy slimming is always consistent, especially when paired with a sensible confinement nutritional plan.

*Each session from a package of home jamu massage with post natal slimming concludes with a massage for the uterus, warm jamu whitening paste, wrap and binder.

Pssst…..Does your postpartum body require reduction on more areas? Nouri Face & Body Concepts has just the right solution for you! Ask the crew about the intensive slimming massage for the localised zones such as the thighs, hips, arms, back fat and annoying bra bulges. Guaranteed to remove those annoying bits of stubborn post pregnancy fat

Postnatal Deluxe Massage with Full Body Slimming 60 minutes (also available in Csect-care and miscarriage version

Remember when we mentioned in our introduction? Out of the many inquiries that Nourifbc receives daily, 90% of its customers are mothers who struggle to lose the weight, even after completing a program from another postnatal massage provider?

Most of the time, the weight is gained from binge eating during pregnancy, a lack of self care and from a massage lady or companies that does a ‘one size fits all’ postnatal massage.

In addition, the labour process also exhausts the body greatly, depleting it of energy, blood and essential nutrients which makes the mother too lethargic to care for herself during confinement.

The team recognises this rising problem and recommends the postnatal deluxe massage with full body slimming treatment as it is more intensive and helps customers to lose the inches safely and effectively.

It is an amazing results driven treatment that combines dry lymphatic slimming massage with hand formulated oils and a thermal cocoon to offer a multitude of great benefits, such as :

●Clearing away fluid retention by restoring a healthy lymphatic system.

●Strengthening a weak immune system.

●Invigorating a tired body, resulting in feelings of freshness.

●Clearing away pockets of stubborn cellulite on the whole body covering the arms, hips, love handles, thighs, calves and belly.

●Lightening pigmentation on the under arms, buttocks, groin and belly.

●Removing residues of dead skin caused by pregnancy hormones.

Dry lymphatic slimming massage with aromatic oils soothes the mother and promotes lymphatic drainage to assist the postpartum body in the elimination of toxins and fluid retention.

The postnatal dry lymphatic slimming massage is an essential step to allow the body to throw off more wastes and toxins during the thermal cocoon therapy that follows.

The thermal cocoon is a full body wrap treatment where it assists the post partum body to go through a detoxification process. The new mother is pampered and “cocooned” in a heat pad and enjoys a healing session of aromatherapy to help even out hormonal imbalances and feelings of depression that usually follows after childbirth and gaining weight post pregnancy.

Her body eliminates postpartum subcutaneous fat, fluid retention and trapped ‘wind’ which can accumulate from pregnancy, negligence on traditional confinement period best practices and / or poor dietary habits.

The thermal cocoon’s detoxification is a calming and comfortable therapy to relieve tightness in the muscles and stubborn fluid retention. Be soothed to slumber with the lovely blend of aromatic oils.

Contrary to fears of feeling “hot” or “over-heated”, the team at Nourifbc assures you that you can certainly expect to feel relaxed and lulled to sleep during this phase of the postnatal full body slimming treatment.

The results?

Expect to feel pampered, refreshed, lighter and well rested after melting those inches away!

*Each session in a package of the Postnatal Deluxe Massage with Full Body Slimming concludes with a massage for the uterus, warm jamu whitening paste and a tummy wrap.


For mothers who have had a natural delivery, specific care for the uterus is essential to the mother’s well being.

Using a combination of Javanese and Peranakan soothing massage techniques, the uterus is gently re-modelled back into its original place, thus helping the prevention of fatigue, a low libido, uterine prolapse and incontinence.

The skilled professionals at Nouri Face & Body Concepts are experts in providing pampering care for the uterus which loses its tone after pregnancy.

Following the uterus care massage, warm jamu whitening paste is applied to help tighten up loose skin and the midsection is wrapped in custom tailored cloth tummy binders to seal in the benefits of the herbs and the effects of the uterus massage.


Nourifbc reaches out to all mothers who seek help for other reasons too. The effective and comprehensive treatments offered also caters to women who require recovery but with a more serious angle to their needs.

Using traditional Peranakan oils, jamu herbs and authentic Javanese massage techniques intensified with modern facilities, Nourifbc’s massages are also beneficial for:

  • Recovery massage for miscarriage  – healing, boosting energy levels, reducing fluid retention and most importantly, preventing the onset of depression.
  • Recovery massage for trauma to the womb from abortions / D&C – massage for the body and care for the uterus helps to reshape the womb and as with the above mentioned, prevents depression.

Important to note : For women who gone through a miscarriage or an abortion, they MUST be aware to take proper care of their physical health as the condition is considered a delivery too. They will be defenceless against chills , fatigue and their mental well being is affected as they are more vulnerable to having depression.

  • Removal of trapped and stagnant ‘wind’ or flatulence from a C-section delivery that was performed more than three months post surgery. Ask for the C-section Heal & Recover therapy, guaranteed to safely reduce bloat and promote inch loss from the waistline.
  • Recovery of the spinal cord for women who gave birth to a pair of twins or triplets
  • Providing fast and results oriented weight loss and noticeable inch loss during the confinement period to remodel the shape of the body for women who are within the three-year post delivery period
  • Those who have experienced multiple childbirths and had not sought profesional post natal massages or had experienced any form of post natal recovery sessions will experience a reboot of their health from the full body slimming session.
  • Mothers who experienced disappointing results from door to door freelance masseuses who were ‘recommended’ on the internet.

The customised Jamu postnatal slimming and massage therapies mentioned above, are guaranteed to restore your mind and body, help you attain better health and relieve the discomforts of your disturbed physical state.


Visible inch loss


Due to gaining a significant amount of weight from fluid retention accumulated from pregnancy and  consuming a high calorie diet to promote milk production for lactation, many mothers do not like what they see on the weighing scale.

The crew initiates the program with measurements taken on the areas that require inch loss, so that they work closely with the mother to attain her postpartum weight loss goals, ensuring that she is aware of her progress and keeps a tab on her progress.

The experts at Nourifbc advise that the weight of a new mother consists of bone mass, collagen, post pregnancy fluid retention and milk production from breastfeeding, hence what one sees on the weighing scale is not accurate. Attaining inch loss is definitely a healthier option.

We’re here to remind you that weight is just a number, when in reality, losing the unwanted inches is the ultimate goal in attaining a fit and healthy postpartum body.

Improved health and well being

Upon completing a good postnatal massage package, the mother should expect to feel

  • Energized
  • Her eyes are bright and shiny
  • Her body is toned and “lifted”
  • Her skin is glowing and free from dead skin
  • Warm and not needing the air conditioning to be turned off or wearing a sweater
  • Positive in her thoughts and ready to face the pursuits of motherhood and career
  • Ready to dress for success

You can be assured that the nurturing methods and essential oils applied in the customised Jamu postnatal slimming and massage therapies mentioned above, are guaranteed to restore your body, help you attain better health and relieve the discomforts of your disturbed physical state.


Their dedicated beauty professionals

Contrary to common belief amongst the local population and motherhood forums in Singapore, post natal jamu massage recommendation should not be taken lightly.

Having a popular ‘Madam’ or ‘Aunty’ – an older massage lady is often a misrepresentation of their experience. Using subsidies, many are known to have made a career switch, from another unrelated industry in mid life.

Freelance therapists who visit the home to provide ‘a body rub to knead the knots’ on a mat, and a ‘herbal tummy wrap’, definitely has resulted in an increasing number of customers not attaining the results in inch loss which many aspire to achieve, struggling with weight gain and feeling desperate to squeeze to their pre-pregnancy figure.

Nourifbc invests in each of it’s wellness consultants, ensuring they are regularly trained by doctors and experts in the industry. They undertake a strict and rigorous training program, so that they fully understand the challenges faced during the pregnancy and postpartum period, equipping them with the right tools, skills and knowledge in delivering care and providing accurate advice for a new mother.

Alongside their high-quality postpartum slimming massage sessions that take place right in the comforts of your home, the team has their customers’ interest at heart and works meticulously together to help every customer attain full recovery, their desired weight loss goals to be their personal best.

Their Bespoke Peranakan Recipes

Staying true to it’s Peranakan heritage, Nouri Face & Body Concepts firmly believes in providing fresh products to its customers.

Ingredients such as the ginger root, lemongrass, lime, lemon rind, kaffir leaves, fennel seeds, grated coconut and green tea extracts are used for rejuvenation of the skin and body post delivery.

Painstakingly made with love and care, these hand formulated oils and herbs are enjoyed by mothers who seek safe products for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

One on one attention

For those who genuinely seek to reboot their health inside and outside, you can also look to personalised coaching with founder and wellness coach, Valerie De Costa.

She is a mother to three teenage boys and has 20 years of expertise in the beauty, wellness and post partum confinement industry.

The third generation of Thai- Peranakan descent, she is the face behind the secret blends which her Peranakan grandmother has handed down.

Reputed for her ‘No Excuses’ weight loss projects, she nurtures her clients and has helped thousands of women regain good health, a trim figure, their sex appeal and self esteem.

Whilst leading her team, her boot camp and online personal coaching services are easily accessible to mothers leveling up to return to the workforce, as well as those who have had multiple childbirths and struggling with weight loss.

Valerie (left), with satisfied customer Patricia Lim, a new mum who regained her good health and figure in under 30 days post delivery.

Highly reviewed for her strategies and professionalism, her one on one consultation, specially curated recipes and personalised skin and body care products are highly sought after by an international audience and public figures.

Nouri Face and Body Concepts is distinct from others in that it supports mothers with an effective range of techniques and a well-experienced team. They fully understand that the pressure of the body undergoing postnatal changes is immense and they commit to helping every mother attain effective inch loss by recording the progress of the postnatal weight management programs, accompanying her in her new journey to healthy weight loss.


In traditional chinese medicine, the 100 days golden period of confinement (the first one hundred days from giving birth) is most important and yields life-long health benefits to both mother and baby.

The mum-to-be needs to be exceptionally careful with her selection of the lady who is performing her postnatal massage and not be swayed by cheap prices. If the price is too good, it is probably too low to incorporate high quality products and effective techniques in the sessions.

The following must be achieved in the golden period:

  • Recover lost energy from pregnancy and childbirth with a nutritious diet plan.
  • The uterus should be shaped back into its place.
  • Unwanted inches should be attended to.
  • Poor posture from bearing child should be corrected.
  • In the case of a cesarean delivery, to achieve full recovery of the wound, and her health.

To ensure that she attains the best results, mum-to-be and valued customer of Nouri face & Body Concepts, Skyler Sek, makes an early reservation for the home visit program.

We highly recommend that you plan ahead and visit the salon during your pregnancy. This enables the team to give you an accurate analysis of your condition, helping you prepare for a smooth delivery, so that the post natal massage programs have a good head start, thus ensuring a seamless transition from pregnancy to labour and finally to a fully customized postnatal care that delivers results in the confinement period.


Just like the many satisfied customers reaping the benefits from Nourifbc ‘s salon based and home visit post natal slimming massage services, YOU TOO, can certainly expect to look and feel fabulous just like these happy mummies.

So, mamas, what are you waiting for?

Don’t just dream of attaining a trim figure after giving birth. A dream only becomes a reality when you have a team to support you on it.

Do something that your post partum body will thank you for and make that appointment today


Here at Nouri Face & Body Concepts, the team has your interests at heart, and they want you to take comfort in knowing that we will always treat you as a friend first, and not a customer.

Nourifbc’s focus is on treatments that concentrate on the mother and the complete healing of her body, mind, and soul!

Needless to say, their years of dedication to achieving results and proven methods that has consistently produced magnificent results in customers homes have notably reached the best rank of post natal massage in Singapore for mummies.

This service is available in both salon-based and home visit options for those looking for post natal recovery massage right after their delivery, and are unable to visit their salon premises

Remember to book your appointment in advance though, they do not accept last minute bookings. Visit their website to instantly book appointments now.

Be sure to share this article with your friends on Facebook and mummy groups to receive a complimentary session of VSPA Uterus Care therapy.

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