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Pamper Yourself Like a Star With The NUU Celebrity Facial

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After a long week of meetings and deadlines, I felt and looked tired. My skin was dry and dull. Even my trusted concealer couldn’t hide the dark circles under my eyes.

I thus desperately needed a quick beauty break and was looking forward to NU.U Med Spa’s much talked about SilkPeel Dermallnfusion Treatment – a great alternative for alternative microdermabrasion. It’s gentle enough to be used even on the eyes and lips and incorporates an infusion facial at the same time. It was like two treatments in one!

After being greeted by warm smiles, their cozy interiors and a comforting cup of tea, it was time to be pampered.

My therapist began with a deep cleanse to remove my makeup and also to ensure my pores were ‘opened’ up to absorb the serum. She then started with the SilkPeel treatment which uses a handpiece designed to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. It felt like a ‘mini vacuum’ on my skin. I felt with every pass of the handpiece, it was ‘sucking away’ the accumulation of my impurities, dead skin cells and dirt that had been built up and saturates the skin with the treatment solution.

My Therapist examined my skin again to ensure all the impurities had been removed. She even did a second round of the silk peel treatment. I was very impressed by her diligence.

I was told that the SkinPeel treatment comes with a various number of sizes of heads and vacuum settings which can treat a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions from head-to-toe, including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, blemishes, and anti-ageing.

The spa offers you the option for an additional whitening or moisturizing mask according to your unique skin care need at that point in time. I happily opted for the second. It felt cool against my face and I closed my eyes enjoying the luxurious session as I can feel the essence absorb to my skin instantly especially after the treatment. After 10 minutes, my therapist did a quick cleanse and I was done!

The whole session took just 30 minutes which didn’t hurt at all – I even found it soothing! I could definitely see my Skin looking radiant, fairer and even moisturized. My haggard, dry skin now even had a pinkish glow. I couldn’t even believe how soft, smooth and supple my skin felt – I couldn’t stop touching it. It was, however, time to return to work but this time, I had a skip in my step, feeling all energized.

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