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Obagi’s 30th Anniversary: Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence

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Celebrating (the number 1 needs no introduction) Obagi: The No.1 Physician-Dispensed Skincare Line in the World

This past November, we celebrated with great pleasure Obagi’s 30 years of dominance in the pharmaceutical led skincare industry. Obagi is unique as it is driven by science and clinical trials and propelled to doctors’ offices all around the world by its proven results.

Since its inception, Obagi has become the most doctor carried skincare brand in the world. By understanding the complexities of aging skin, Obagi is able to target skin health conditions, rejuvenate skin cells and helps drive true changes in the skincare industry.

To celebrate its success and milestones, Obagi teamed up with Zoe Nissi, to celebrate their presence in Asia. BeautyInsider was invited to wine and dine with fellow leaders of the skincare industry. In a night filled with laughter and opulence we commemorated the many accomplishments Obagi has made in the last 30 years as well as witnessed an exclusive sneak peek for what is to come.

Obagi’s History Of Dominance In The Industry

We met with Obagi representatives, International Director Aimee DeMarais and Associate

Director Elizabeth Malay to chat about some of the importantareas within the industry, and how Obagi has contributed as well as what liesin the future for the skincare industry.

Primarily, most skincare brands in the market are merely of consumer products disguised as medical. Both Aimee and Liz explained the difference with  the real physician prescribed skincare brand.

Obagi continually studies the cause and effects of their products. Obagi also gathers consumer feedback on particular products that were developed to specifically target specific skincare concerns.

This unique approach has allowed Obagi to help people aroundthe world improve their quality of skin while maintaining a natural appearance.

Aimee talked about Obagi and how far they’ve come as a brand, “Celebrating our 30 years of dominance in pharmaceutical led skincare is especially important. This is mainly because of the fickleness of the skincare industry in general,” she said.

Liz agreed by adding the importance of developing new products and diversifying ingredients, “Our Head of R&D is going around the world and researching beauty routines. We want to know what works in your different neck of the neighbourhood and make it accessible to consumers worldwide!”

What Lies In The Future?

Following this trend of R&D, Obagi intends to uphold its long legacy with a new line of products exclusively launching in 2019. Dr.Susan Obagi has partnered with Obagi to produce this new range of products.This line contains the unique combination of powerful ingredients and purposeful exclusions such as parabens, dyes or fragrances.

It aims to target individual problems that were not previously addressed by other Obagi products. This 3-step routine- will Cleanse, Protect and Renew your skin and is easily accessible to those who want to pare down their skincare regimen.