best massages in singapore

On The Lookout For Best Massages In Singapore Near You? Here Are 5 Pampering Massages To Get Fully Rejuvenated After A Long Week

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Bullying boss? Annoying colleagues? Stressful deadlines? Not many things can ease these work-induced tensions like a good, long massage can. Let the masseuse rub away all your knots as you surrender to the calming aromatherapy scents permeating the salon. Here are 5 pampering spots that are sure to rejuvenate you after a long, tiring week and prepare you for the next wave ahead, along with the best massages in Singapore that will you feeling recharge for the work week ahead!



best massages in singapore

You can tell Natureland’s popularity from its many branches dotted across the nation. With a total of six outlets around the island, you can be sure there’s always a Natureland salon near you.

Head to the Robertson Walk outlet after work, or relax in the East Coast and Holland Village outlets. Not heading to any of these locations? There’s also a Natureland in Valley Point, Chijmes, and of course, Orchard Point.

Relax with a classic Foot Reflexology Massage, or get the full package with a 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 massage which targets the head, shoulder, neck, hands, and optionally, feet. Other more unique services include Tui Na and Slimming Massage, which are sure to put your body in tip top shape.

For maximum relaxation, their Body Therapy is the way to go, using aromatherapy to complement the masseuses’ skills. Choose between 100% pure aroma oil or a shiatsu massage, which is oil-free.

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Ayur Centre

best massages in singapore

A massage technique that’s not very well known in Singapore, Ayurveda first originated in India some 5000 years ago. Acclaimed as the oldest healthcare system in the world, it’s a unique, completely naturalistic, and holistic system of healing for all kinds of ailments.

Experience this time-tested technique at Ayur Centre, which specializes in Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Its experienced doctors provide a free Ayurvedic consultation with every visit, so you can be sure your treatment is customized to youe body’s individual needs.

Beginners may wish to start out with the Herbal Steam Bath, which introduces you to the Ayurvedic herbs and oils frequently used in such treatments. Inhale the mixture of aromas as you unwind in the hot steam, which is said to detoxify, relieve joint pains, and leave the skin glowing.

For more detoxifying effects, try the Pizhichil, a therapy which involves the applying of warm medicated Ayurvedic oils to the body, followed by a gentle, nourishing massage. This treatment induces profound perspiration, which cleanses the skin and reduces stress and blood pressure.

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Healing Touch Spa

best massages in singapore

Amassing awards from authorities such as TripAdvisor, Women’s Weekly, Cleo, and Influential Brands, Healing Touch Spa truly has a stamp of quality. Promising a 4P experience, namely Pressure, Points, Pace, and Pampering in their massages, the salon ensures that every session with them is a divine one.

Start off your pampering with a Body Scrub, where you can choose from a variety of six different salt scrubs, each packing specific effects and benefits. For those with aching joints and muscles, the Ginger Sea Salt Scrub uses one of the most renowned Asian herbs to induce heat and improve blood circulation.

To relax and unwind, try the Lavender Cream Scrub, which moisturizes while it exfoliates to calm and soothe your skin, leaving it supple and delightfully fragranced.

Follow up with an Asian Fusion Massage, which fuses techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, and pressure point massage to create a multi-benefit treatment that can be customized to each customer’s needs and preferences. Enjoy this massage from anywhere between an hour to two whole hours, ensuring that all your tension is duly removed before heading out.

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Traditional Javanese Massage Hut

best massages in singapore

Seasoned massage-goers are sure to enjoy a visit to Traditional Javanese Massage Hut, which utilizes the many pressing, pushing, and circling strokes common in Javanese massage to ease the tension in your muscles.

Reset your whole body with their signature service, the Hut 67 massage, which targets the body’s 67 major acupressure points with ancient Javanese healing techniques. The deep thumb pressure is accompanied by firm, rhythmic stroking to revitalize and renew your mind, body, and soul.

Alternatively, try out their newest addition, the Smooth And Soothe massage. An innovative fusion of Javanese, Balinese and Chinese massage techniques aims to calm and gently relax your tired body.

For a royal treatment, the Lulur Scrub is the way to go, with its ritual being adapted straight from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia. Famed for its beautifying and softening effects on the skin, a body mask is applied onto the skin, and rubbed off after it dries. Choose from turnip, which whitens and refreshes, goat’s milk, which moisturizes and tones, pearl, which purifies, and floral masks, which rejuvenate the skin.

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The Outcall Spa

best massages in singapore

If you’re just that dog-tired and don’t have the energy to venture out of your home come the weekend, The Outcall Spa is here for you. Just as its name suggests, this mobile spa service brings the spa straight to you, so that you can relax right in the comfort of your own home.

A full spa setup, including the massage table, towels, and aromatherapy, is brought you, and you can choose from a wide variety of massages ranging from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Tui-Na Massage, to even a Couple’s Massage.

To detoxify and purge yourself from the stresses of the week, opt for more heavy-duty treatments such as the Lymphatic Massage or Fat Diminisher Therapy. You can even add on a Hot Blanket Treatment for an even deeper relaxation!

In addition to a full spa-worthy massage, The Outcall Spa also provides manicure and pedicure services to polish you up after you’ve been totally massaged into bliss.

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