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One of the Best Beauty Salon in Singapore To Achieve Gorgeous Lashes

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Heard of Graceous Salon? This is probably one of the Best Beauty Salon in Singapore To Achieve Gorgeous Lashes

Not many women are blessed with a lush set of eyelashes, some have sparse lashes, some have them thin, and some, unfortunately, downright droopy. But this dilemma is a dilemma no more, thanks to the creative minds that developed eyelash extensions.


Semi-permanent eyelash extensions can change the way your eyes look. With it, your eyes can look instantly bigger, brighter, and flirtier. It also gives you the benefit of cutting down your prep time in the morning before you leave your house.

Eyelash extensions enhance your natural lashes’ thickness, length and fullness. Unlike fake eyelashes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions give off a more natural look with the use of synthetic single fiber hair that is applied lash by lash.

These days, eyelash extension salons are sprouting like mushrooms all over Singapore and it can be challenging to find the best one. Eyelash extensions salons in Singapore offer almost the same service, so when choosing a salon to go for, it is important that you get the answer you want to these questions:

  1. Is the service great?



Customer service and relationship is as important as the quality of their product. Graceous Salon, for instance, is an eyelash extension Salon in Singapore that prides in this, when engaging their customers. Remember that eyelash extensions services are done by an eyelash specialist, and the result of your eyelash extensions depend heavily on them. It is important to know that the eyelash specialists are highly experience and knowledgeable about what they do. Click here: to read more reviews!

  1. Does the synthetic hair fibers have good quality?


Same as any product, there are substandard and quality kinds of synthetic hair fibers that can be used for eyelash extensions. You can tell them apart easily, because the cheap ones are usually thicker and heavier on the eyes and can be bothersome. The best ones are light, almost featherweight. They’re natural looking and don’t bother your daily activities.

  1. Do they offer various options?

Eyelash extensions salons that offer various options are the best ones you can find. Graceous Salon offers a variety of eyelash extensions in terms of coloured lashes and style of extensions ( J-Curl, C-Curl, L-Curl ). Before they offer and do the service to you, they do a consultation mainly to understand your preference and tell you which is best suitable one for your eyes. Their eyelash extension synthetic hair fibers have various lengths and curls.

  1. Does the salon have a before and after care product offerings?

While semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a great way to improve your natural eyelashes, it is still important that you are introduced to a product that can help improve the natural condition of your natural lashes. Semi-permanent eyelashes can only be there for a certain period of time, and while you can always go back to the salon for a retouch, if you don’t have healthy long and thick natural lashes to begin with, the salon has nothing much to work with for improvement.

Graceous offers gLash eyelash growth serum. It is made of Panthenol, Fulvic acid, and capixyl that all work together to improve the state of your natural lashes. These ingredients are proven not only to prevent eyelash damage, but also improve them. They help keep hair loss at bay and stimulate growth.

Seeking to land at the best eyelash extension salon in Singapore can be a whole load of fun until you end up at a salon that is mediocre. Avoid this upset, by visiting Graceous Salon at either of their two salon locations now.

You can check out more about Graceous at and see appointment guides there too!

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