Oon Shu An’s Must-Have Beauty Items

We asked homegrown actress Shu An to name the beauty products and gadgets she can’t live without! Here are her top six beauty favourites.

1. The Lumi-Oxy. “This is seriously the best thing. It has a blue light and ozone function that works like a dream to help get rid of pimples.”

2. Acne Clear. “My favouritest pimple cream.”

3. Meg Rhythm Steam Eye Masks. “Scented self-heating eye masks. You have got to try them. They’re really refreshing.”

4. Candles. “Nice smelling candles. I love things that smell nice, these really lift my mood.”
lovely scented candles

5. Babyliss Big Hair Curler. “Helps me get the salon blow-dry look at home!”

6. Larry Yeo (Makeup) and Calvin Gan (Hair). They help me to look tip top for work and I love them. So maybe if you don’t have a lot of events to go to, you wont need a regular makeup artist, but I definitely recommend finding a hairstylist who gets you. When I found Calvin at Hairloom, getting my hair cut (whether every 2 months or every 6/12 months) was no longer something I’d put off like the dentist.

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