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Organic Hair Dye 101: Colour Your Hair the Natural Way

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Thinking of changing up your hair game– we’ve all been there! Whether you are eyeing that Pinterest-worthy hair colour or just need to cover up those stubborn grey hairs, hair dyes are the perfect answer for your hair colouring needs. However, dousing your precious mane with all those chemicals isn’t the best way forward. From brittle hair to hair frizz, most hair dyes can spell bad news. Here comes organic hair dyes to the rescue! Beauty Insider lets you in on everything you need to know about organic hair dyes and the best brands to try out!

What is Organic Hair Dye?


The term โ€˜organic hair dyeโ€™ has been thrown around a lot by hair colourists, but what exactly is it? As its name suggests, organic hair dyes are made with organic botanical ingredients to dye your hair. In comparison to their chemical counterparts, organic hair dyes contain fewer synthetic chemicals to ensure intense colour payoff with the least damage to your hair. As organic hair dyes contain natural vegetable and plant extracts, they also work to restore the hair’s natural shine.

Traditional vs Organic Hair Dye

Most of us are familiar with traditional hair dyes as the surefire solution to hair colouring. These hair dyes typically contain ammonia, which penetrates the hair cuticles for a deeper and more permanent hair colour. However, ammonia is known to severely damage and weaken hair, which leaves your hair into a dry and frizzy mess. On top of that, traditional hair dyes often use chemicals such as resorcinol, paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and para-toluenediamine (PTD), which can irritate people with sensitive types.

Unlike chemical hair dyes, organic hair dyes boast ammonia-free formulas. Moreover, most organic hair dyes use high concentrations of naturally derived ingredients and botanical ingredients that are less harsh on the hair.

Our Pick: Herbatint Permanent Hair ColorGel

Banish greying hairs with the Herbatint Permanent Hair ColorGel. This organic hair dye contains not one, but eight organic herbal extracts including Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to nourish and strengthen your hair. What’s more, this hair dye also works to improve hair growth thanks to its Walnut extract.

Price: $18.78 on iHerb

Debunking Organic Hair Dye Myths

Organic Hair Dyes Do Not Have Any Chemicals 


As much as we wish that organic hair dyes are chemical-free, the truth is that there is no such thing as a 100% organic hair dye. Even with naturally-derived ingredients, chemical compounds still need to be present in the formula to deposit colour. What organic hair dyes do is provide an alternative with the least amount of chemicals for minimal damage. This means that some organic hair dyes may contain small amounts of PPD and PTD.

If you are set on looking for a 100 per cent organic hair dye, you can opt for certain brands of henna. Even so, henna contains metallic salts which can cause dry and damaged hair. So it looks like there is no foolproof solution as of yet.

Our Pick: NaturVital Coloursafe Permanent Hair Colour

The good news is that some brands carry PPD-free organic hair dyes! NaturVital is one of those brands. The NaturVital COloursafe Permanent Hair Colour is infused with Aloe Vera to repair the scalp and leaves the hair feeling much smoother and shinier. It also contains Vitamin E-rich Sunflower extract which removes any product buildup on the hair and reduces hair thinning. Plus, this organic hair dye promises full coverage on grey hairs!

Price: $22.42 at Watsons

Organic Hair Dyes Are Limited in Colour


Many people hold the misconception that organic hair dyes are only limited to natural hair colours such as black and brown. The good news is that that is not true at all. Just like conventional hair dyes, some brands carry a wide range of organic hair dye colours. Perfect if you are eyeing for that unicorn hair!

Our Pick: Natulique Douce Hair Colours

If you are looking to add a touch of colour to your hair, go for Natulique’s Douce Hair Colours organic hair dye collection. From peach pink to lemon yellow, expect a wide range of brilliant colours that is sure to give your hair a little oomph! What’s more, this hair dye boasts zero harmful ingredients to nourish your hair while still leaving your hair with vibrant colours. Check out how well this product works in this demo here.

This product can be found at select hair salons.

Organic Hair Dyes Are Allergy-free


Organic hair dyes have often been lauded for being the healthier option for hair dyes. Although that fact is true, that does not mean that every individual is safe from irritation.

That is why we recommend people with sensitive skin types to do a patch test before going straight into the colouring process.

Who Can Use Organic Hair Dye?


The best part about organic hair dye is that anyone can use organic hair dye. Yes, even people with dry and brittle hair. As there are lesser chemicals in organic hair dyes, it significantly reduces hair breakage, so you do not need to worry about frizz any longer!

Plus, organic hair dyes are designed to be gentle on the scalp. So they even work well on people with even the most sensitive of scalps.

Our Pick: Doori Cosmetics Daeng Gi Meo Ri Medicinal Herb Hair Color

This organic hair dye is your best bet if you are looking for a hair dye that is extra gentle on the scalp. With its unique blend of Korean ginseng, Cnidium Officinale, and Artemisia, this hair dye promises to nourish damaged hair while delivering rich colour to the hair. It is also formulated without ammonia and PPDs to ensure zero irritation to the scalp.

Price: $19.25 on iHerb

How Much Does Organic Hair Dye Cost?


The price of getting an organic hair dye treatment varies depending on whether you visit a salon. For a professional dye job at a salon, the prices can range from anywhere between $100 to $500. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, an organic hair box dye typically costs around $18 to $30. It looks like dying your hair the natural way does not always involve breaking the bank after all.

How Long Do Organic Hair Dyes Last?


It is widely believed that organic hair dyes do not last as long as conventional hair dyes, but this depends on the different brands and formulas they carry. Some organic hair dyes can last for as long as semi-permanent hair dyes and last for about six weeks before fading off completely.

However, the longevity of your organic hair colour can vary depending on your hair care routine. For long-lasting colour, we recommend staying away from shampoos that contain silicone as they tend to strip away the hair dye much faster.

How to Choose the Best Organic Hair Dye For You?


Here is the thing: there is no fixed answer to this! It all boils down to what your preferred hair colour is. Having said that, we recommend keeping a lookout on the different ingredients in each hair dye as every organic hair dye is formulated differently and they may contain ingredients that may irritate your skin. If you have absolutely no clue on where to start, it is always best to consult a professional hairstylist!

Our Pick: Naturigin 100% Permanent Hair Colours

Naturigins is one hair dye that certainly packs a punch in the colouring department. Aside from its rich colour payoff, this award-winning hair dye boasts the lowest levels of PPDs found in any hair dye, so you can be sure that it will cause almost no damage to your hair. Plus, it is free of ammonia, resorcinol, PTD and parabens! If those benefits were not enough for you, this hair dye is available in 19 colours. Perfect if you simply cannot make up your mind!

Price: $29 at JSJ Natural Wellness