Our Favourite Sustainable Beauty Brands You’re Missing Out!

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There has been a huge push for sustainable beauty products in recent years and brands who are leading the way are forging a new path for the makeup industry. All these product launches stand out not just for being the best at what they do- but giving back to Mother Earth as well!


(Sold Out) Chantecaille Lip Cristal – $82

Chatacaille’s limited edition babies are creamy while having a lovely metallic sheen. The best part about this lipstick is the glittery finish that adds the right amount of shimmer to any makeup look.

For every Lip Cristal sold Chantecaille promises to plant a tree in the Attenborough Canopy in Kenya. The Canopy is a concerted effort to steer the planet in a direction to ensure that the polar bears do not lose their home. Chantecaille will plant a minimum of 20,000 trees for this collection.

Find out more about the Attenborough Canopy and how you can help here.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper – Hydrating Floral Mask $137

Luxury skincare does not always have to pay the price. Tata Harper truly stands out as being a sustainable beauty brand in the luxury skincare industry. Their glass bottles are entirely made of recycled glass and the ink is made from soy. Their efforts are definitely celebrated by us!

Though the price might seem steep at first, one try on this award-winning new mask will leave you awed. A sweet smelling aroma coupled with power-packed ingredients leaves your skin soothed and refreshed.

Love Beauty Planet

LBP Coconut and Mimosa Flower Shampoo – $12.90

Quick rinse technology, power-packed natural ingredients all encased in a 100% recyclable bottle this product is the shampoo to replace all shampoos. Love Beauty Planet has truly set itself apart from the other brands. They have four different scents to choose from, rose, coconut, ylang ylang and tea tree oil. LBP’s commitment to our planet is both good for you and the planet.

Love Beauty Planet is committed to the effort to educate its consumers. Buying your shampoos from here helps you save 10% and allows you to recycle your used plastic bottles too!


Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum – $36

Innisfree’s quality ingredients from Jeju island uses only the purest form of nutrients and natural ingredients. Due to the combination of green tea seed oil and green tea itself, this serum is both moisturising and detoxifying in locking in moisture.

For every bottle of Innisfree product that is purchased, customers can return it for points that can be redeemed for the next purchase.

Find out more about their recycling scheme and how to do your share for our planet.

Tarte Cosmetics

tarte cosmetics
Tarte Cosmetics – Good Vibes and High Tides Eyeshadow Palette – $56

With four high-impact glitter shades and eight creamy powder colours, this eyeshadow palette is every beauty junkie’s dream. This new palette is an amazing addition to their Rainforest of the Sea Collection.

Tarte’s entire Rainforest of the Sea Collection directly contributes to the to Sea Turtle Conservancy. We salute you Tarte, a great brand bringing awareness to an important and adorable issue of saving the baby sea turtles!

Find out more about the Sea Turtle Conservancy and how you can visit these adorable baby sea creatures.

Lush Cosmetics

lush cosmetics
Lush – Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub – $38

A product that works and is safe for the environment is Rub, Rub, Rub. Acting as both a body wash and scrub this waste no time in the shower to give you soft skin while keeping you fresh and clean.

This sea salt scrub is both relaxing and safe for the environment, and Lush recycles empties on behalf of their customers. Simply wash out and return your used container at the store and Lush takes care of the rest!

Find out exactly how Lush is helping us learn more about recycling!


Homegrown organic skincare label Kew Organics has released a new Kew Organics Tote Bag in collaboration with FreeSet Global.

Aesop – Fabulous Face Cleanser – $43

Renowned yet responsible brand, Aesop, is a favourite among many. This Australian based label uses only ethically sourced ingredients in their minimalist approach toward skincare.

Their packaging is perhaps where their true commitment to sustainability comes alive. Oxidation is prevented by Aesops’s darker bottles. It also allows less preservatives to be used in their products. As of 2019, their products are 97% derived from post-use recycled bottles .

Learn more about what the brand is doing to contribute to the recycling effort.