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They say Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey, but we have it better! It’s so easy to give ourselves the royal treatment. Click on these online beauty shop in Singapore to get body products that are local, handmade and made from natural ingredients.

Handmade Heroes

It started out as a small online beauty shop Singapore, then became a global cult favorite. It’s been featured in shows and magazines and won tons of beauty awards.

Their bestsellers include their Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo (it was even featured on Buzzfeed!) and French Rose Lip Tint. But we’re now in love with their Butt Kicking Deep Detoxing Coffee Scrub. Made from organic coffee beans, this body scrub leaves your skin super soft. It can even help minimize the appearance of cellulite. Use on problem areas like your thighs, hips and stomach.

MMerci Encore

 Head here for instant relaxation, detox and good vibes! This online beauty shop sells high-quality, 100% pure essential oils that are prepared in small batches. You can burn them, diffuse them, or add them to your own beauty concoctions.

But our favorite section is their body products. Their Mint Crema Hand and Body Cleanser is heaven after a long, hot day. It contains peppermint, eucalyptus and litsea to refresh your senses and clear your mind.

The Nightshade Organic Body Scrub can help you ease into a bedtime ritual. Perfect for curing insomnia or jetlag! It’s made of the uplifting and detoxifying scents of geranium, mandarin and ginger.


This popular online beauty store sells cold-pressed soaps, body scrubs, body washes, essential oils and more.

It’s hard to pick which soap we want to try first. They have everything. Popular picks are their super-moisturizing Honey Frangipani, invigorating Forest Fresh, and soothing Lavender Bastille.  They can also customize Breast Milk Soap, where you can send your own milk that they’ll use to make soap to bathe your own baby in.

Or, you can try their popular Liquid Gold Body Wash range, with cool names like Relak Lah! and LOL


One of Singapore’s most awarded independent beauty brands. While their online beauty shop in Singapore carries mostly skincare and haircare, you need to try their You Had Me at Aloe body jelly, I’m in Love with Coco body oil, and Espresso Yourself Body Scrub

Their Green Tea Hand Salve is also a favourite. It’s not greasy, and the scent is really relaxing. Perfect for mid-day moisturizing while you’re at the computer keyboard.

All their products carry generous amounts of premium ingredients – you can tell from the smell and the way it feels on your skin.   

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