Here’s How You Can Bring Back Your Hair To It’s Former Glory

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Are your tresses looking lifeless and losing their glory? Are they dull and dry or you just want to get some extra life (if there is still some left) out of your natural tresses, you have landed on the right read! 

Even those of you with virgin hair- which have not undergone hair colouring, chemical hair treatments and chemical hair products ever will still need some TLC. In fact, some studies show that about 50% of ladies said they lost their hair’s virgin quality when they were in high school and approximately 80% wanted to regain the texture of the hair they had back then.

So here we have listed down 4 basic and easy tips and tricks to bring your tresses’ life back to its virgin state:

Choose The Right Hair Products

You can protect your hair from drying out by using shampoo and conditioner that will not only revive your hair to its virgin state but one that will also maintain your hair’s moisture even under harsh conditions like excessive exposure to the sun, daily hair blow-drying, hair ironing, ponytails, hair colouring, and perms.


For more information about the product, click here.


For more information about the product, click here.

A shampoo and conditioner like Pantene Japan Pro-V is a good choice. Pantene Japan Pro-V has damage blockers that expel mineral impurities out of the surface of the hair.  Its damage blockers come in the form of micro-particles that is about one-thousandth the size of damaged areas invisible to the human eye. This technology was formulated with advanced research way back 2013 and has since proven to deliver impressive results.

When used together, Pantene’s Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner adheres to any type of hair in a thin, uniform layer and provides an efficient repairing power to damaged hair with a lightweight finish.

It’s perfect for those with damaged hair, ones that show symptoms of split ends and breakages, those that do not easily respond to other conditioners and treatment products and those that have been repaired for a short while but have relapsed to the same damaged hair condition.

With Pantene’s Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner, you can experience natural shine from root to tip, a balance of moisture that is maintained within the hair, a texture sleek and silky smooth to the touch, supple and flexible hair strands, and natural fullness and bounce.

Wash your hair daily


The pollution and other environmental factors contribute to your hair condition and health more than you notice. Stripping your hair off of excess oil, sebum and dirty on the daily is a great way to keep looking its best and retain its moisture.

Cool Up

This trick is so simple but not everyone knows it. After washing your hair or taking a shower, making sure to rinse your hair with cool water helps a whole lot. Cool water helps the hair’s cuticles to close on its own. This then further protects the hair strands, which allows your chosen hair care products to be locked in and work in its magic on the hair strands and its layers better.

Drink Water More Often

Another way is to religiously drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. While this one is mostly known to benefit the skin, it also helps our scalp and hair in the long run.

Timely Trims


Dry and lifeless hair is sometimes made even worse by dry ends or split ends. It works its way to the top slowly, making your hair feel and look even more coarse and damaged. Getting a regular trim at your favourite salon will help keep your tresses healthy and bouncy. A good six to eight weeks is a good time gap to have it done.

Unlike many hair products that are expensive and ineffective, Pantene’s Japan Pro-V is offering the opposite for your dry hair! Curious to see the results from their shampoos and conditioners? Check it out in the video below.

Here's How You Can Bring Back Your Hair To It's Former Glory

Pantene’s Japan Pro-V is offering the next level of hair care for you! Curious to see the results from their shampoos and conditioners? Check it out in the video below.

Posted by Beauty Insider on Thursday, 30 August 2018

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