Pico Laser Treatment by Privé Clinic: An Exclusive Interview with Dr Karen Soh

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We’ve all some or rather heard of this aesthetic treatment called Pico Laser, but for those of you who have not heard of it, this article will be just as useful to you as to those who also want to know more about Pico Laser treatments. We figured that the only way you’d get in-depth information and knowledge about something is by confronting the experts. Hence, we did just that! The team at Beauty Insider Singapore had an exclusive interview with Dr Karen Soh, the Medical Director at Privé Clinic.

So, let’s get started!

Beauty Insider: What skin concerns does Pico Laser treatment target?

Dr Karen Soh: First and foremost, what everyone needs to know is that the Pico Laser treatment is suitable for all skin types. Coming back to the question, Pico Laser helps address various skin concerns like melasma, sun spots, age spots, freckles, birthmarks, post-acne hyperpigmentation and even unwanted tattoos.

This medical-grade laser treatment is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to skin rejuvenation and pigmentation removal. Also, after completing 6 to 8 sessions of this Pico Laser treatment, you will then start to notice the reduction of fine lines on your face, the minimising of your pores, a much-evened skin tone and the lightening acne marks, pigmentation, sunspots and freckles.

Beauty Insider: Why should one opt for Pico Laser treatment?

Dr Karen Soh: Anyone and everyone would want to have clear and spotless skin and it is how beauty and youth are measured these days. Also, when it comes to pigmentation, there are several different types. Pigmentation is caused by an oversupply of melanin in a particular area of the skin which can be caused by natural inborn factors or external causes like sun export.

Hence, that brings us to your question on why should one opt for this treatment. The Pico Laser treatment is effective in improving the appearance of challenging pigmentations like melanoma, freckles and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also, this treatment is widely used as a facial rejuvenation for an overall radiance boost and the brightening of dull skin.

Beauty Insider: What is the difference between Privé Clinic’s Pico Laser treatment compared to other Pico Laser treatments in Singapore?

Dr Karen Soh: At Privé Clinic, we use the Discovery PICO and offer patients unlimited laser passes every time they come. This is due to the fact that patients may have more than one type of pigmentation or several skin concerns that require various settings and intensity to treat. With multiple passes, we can then target different layers and tailor them to the patient’s unique needs. This is subjected to the individual’s condition, lifestyle and our doctor’s professional assessment.

Beauty Insider: What brand of Pico Laser machine you use in your clinic?

Dr Karen Soh: The brand of the Pico Laser machine that we use is The Discovery Pico. This machine is developed by Quanta System, which is one of the biggest international research centres in optics and laser. With the combined use of both laser wavelengths, the Q-Switched and Photo-Thermal emission modes, the Discovery PICO is twice as powerful as any other Picosecond laser for medical applications.

Beauty Insider: What kind of technology does Privé Clinic use for the Pico Laser treatment?

Dr Karen Soh: Pico Laser actually refers to a type of laser that works in “pico-seconds” (one trillionth of a second). Thus, its name! When the laser light is being absorbed by the pigmented lesions, the light will then vibrate, fragmenting the particles into a fine dust. Then, the melanin and pigment particles will be broken down in pico-seconds.

This extreme speed, in turn, means that your skin will take lesser time to heat up, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation. One of Privé Clinic’s curated treatments is a combination of Pico Laser with a Vitamin C Facetherapy that leaves you looking radiant and illuminated.

Beauty Insider: How many sessions of this treatment do you need at Privé Clinic?

Dr Karen Soh: Usually, it takes a series of three to four treatments. However, occasionally results can be visible after the first treatment, but your pigmentation will begin to show improvement in three to four treatments.

Beauty Insider: How long will the Pico Laser treatment last you?

Dr Karen Soh: The typical treatment intervals are from two to six weeks for pigmented lesions and treatments. As for acne marks and fine lines, it takes about three to four weeks. However, we will tailor a treatment plan suited for your skin’s health and its needs. Each individual will obtain a different treatment plan.

Beauty Insider: How long does the treatment take?

Dr Karen Soh: The Pico Laser treatment is a fast and effective process that only takes 15 minutes to complete. The treatment is gentle, non-invasive and there is no downtime involved, which makes it perfect for a lunch-time fix!

Beauty Insider: Is Pico Laser treatment safe?

Dr Karen Soh: Due to the shorter pulses, the Pico Laser is safe for all skin types and skin tones. The fast pulses and wavelengths help minimise skin injury, making the scarring less evident.

Beauty Insider: Is it painful?

Dr Karen Soh: The Pico Laser treatment is actually very tolerable and most patients do not feel much pain. However, to make the process more comfortable, we would use a cool air device in conjunction with Pico Laser to soothe the skin. We always aim to provide a soothing and comfortable experience with effective results for our patients.

Beauty Insider: Is there any downtime?

Dr Karen Soh: This treatment is a gentle and non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime.

Beauty Insider: What can or can’t I do after the treatment?

Dr Karen Soh: After the treatment, some patients will tend to experience slight redness or skin tenderness and sensitivity. In this case, it is best to avoid touching, rubbing or scratching your face excessively. Usually, after any kind of treatment, it is always best to allow your skin to repair itself naturally and in turn, encourage more effective skin rejuvenation results.

Also, regular moisturising is needed to keep your skin properly hydrated after the Pico Laser treatment, as it helps with healing. The customers from Privé Clinic will receive a post-laser cream and they are advised to opt for natural options or a moisturiser with an added SPF. Also, you should avoid using moisturisers that are heavily scented or rich in texture. Finally, drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated!

Beauty Insider: What is the cost of the Pico Laser treatment at Privé Clinic?

Dr Karen Soh: The first trial price of the treatment is $180.00. The Pico Laser treatment with the Vitamin C Facial is $220.00.

That sums up our interview with Dr Kareh Soh regarding the Pico Laser Treatment at Privé Clinic. After this interview, we had a clearer picture of what exactly the Pico Laser treatment is all about, and we hope you did too 🤗

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