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Powder Manicure vs. Gel Manicure: Which is Safer?

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Need a chip-proof manicure that will last throughout the holidays? You’ve got two options: a powder manicure or a gel manicure.

Both last a lot longer than regular polish, which can get chipped soon after you leave the salon. But while most of us are familiar with gel manicures, powder manicures didn’t trend until this year. Thinking about trying it for your holiday nails? Read on.

What is a powder manicure?

It’s a manicure that uses dip powder, which is fairly self explanatory. They apply a base coat and then dip your nail into a powder. But unlike a gel manicure, which sets the color with UV lamps, you set a powder manicure with a sealant.   

You can buy powder manicure sets, which makes it the DIY alternative to gel manicures. It’s convenient and easy to apply, even if you don’t have a lot of nail skills. What could be easier than dipping your nails into a jar? 

Are powder manicures safe?

Yes, and some say it’s even safer than gel manicures. Your hands don’t get exposed to UV lamps, and you won’t get sick if you accidentally inhale the powder. Some brands even say that their powders are safe, natural and organic. (Unfortunately, the polish industry doesn’t regulate the claims as closely as the skincare industry, but there haven’t been any complaints of allergic reactions.)

But, you can’t say that powder manicures are “safer” than other types of polish. 

You can wear acrylic nails or get gel manicures without damaging nails. In many cases, it’s not the type of polish that ruins your nails, it’s how you remove them. Sometimes people just try to rip off or scratch off the gel manicure, or rush through the soaking process. Or you leave the gel manicure for months, when you should really get them changed after a month max. (When you think about it, even regular nail polish will stain your nails if you let them sit for that long.)

As long as you use and remove any nail polish in the right way, you can’t damage your nails! 

How are powder manicures different from gel or nail extensions?

Actually, the three have a lot in common: they all have an acrylic base. It’s just that with nail extensions, you glue them on. With gel manicures, the paste is cured by exposure to UV light. Powder manicures just “sets”it with a liquid that’s manually applied.

So what makes them different? The dip powders used in powder manicures are very fine. That means they can be made into a much wider colour range than gel manicures. They’re also very flexible and feel more natural than acrylic nail extensions.

People who have tried powder manicures also say they that they can’t chip or peel off. And we all know that gel manicures can peel, which feeds our obsession to start peeling it off ourselves, which leads to nail damage…But since powder manicures won’t peel, you can’t be tempted to pick at your nails.

Powder manicure, gel manicure, nail extensions or regular polish… Which one would you get?