3CE Eyebrow Mascara

An eyebrow mascara which will groom your brows into any shape and match your hair color. The light wax-free base dries quickly for groomed eyebrows without lumping.

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Eyebrows on fleek

Avatar yfaxomiwe

3CE Eyebrow Mascara

The 3CE Eyebrow Mascara is a very good eyebrow mascara to apply. Literally gives you the Eyebrows on fleek feeling!

Its your time to look natural

Avatar andreahamdan

3CE Eyebrow Mascara

I like the brush, the colour, and also it coloured ur brows very well. Suitable for person who wants to have their eyebrows to look the same with their hair. But if you have a little hair, you need to draw first with eyebrow pencil and after that lock the colour with this eyebrow mascara.

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