Alexiares & Ani The Archangel – Antioxidant Serum


THE ARCHANGEL – Antioxidant Serum harnesses the power of 18 different antioxidants* to help you fight free radicals and combat oxidative stress.

Our skin is susceptible to a variety of problems over the years, including sun damage, episodes of acne, dehydration, irritation, wrinkles, age spots and loss of firmness. Virtually all of these problems can be traced back to free radicals and pro-oxidants; highly unstable molecules known to attack healthy cells and tissues, triggering inflammation cascades that literally tear skin apart. Originating from the air we breathe, sunlight, stress, tobacco smoke, smog or the food and drinks we consume, these harmful molecules are essentially unavoidable.

One pump of The Archangel serum delivers 18 antioxidants to aid in controlling or eliminating over a dozen types of pro-oxidants and free radicals. Bestowed with 6 Superfruits: Acai Berry, Goji and Noni fruits, Mangosteen, Pomegranate and Coffee Berry; and Astaxanthin – the most potent carotenoid discovered to date – skin is shielded from inflammation, age-aggravating browned foods, alcohol and DNA damage. Ergothioneine, a unique amino acid found in mushrooms, is an integral energizing antioxidant for cells, protecting from ozone in smog and plane cabins. Garden Sprout extract supports skin’s natural detoxifying enzymes, boosting cellular resistance and eliminating environmental toxins. Pear, Hibiscus and Asafetidea extracts defend against sunlight-derived free radicals responsible for wrinkle formation and skin sensitivity, while Lipochroman-6 molecules target nitrogen free radicals known to damage DNA, alter youthening proteins and trigger cell-death.

While skin over the age of 30 is most affected by free radical damage, The Archangel’s 18 antioxidants are highly beneficial to skin of any age, condition or ethnicity.

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Great Product!

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Alexiares & Ani The Archangel - Antioxidant Serum

With a skin looking like the age of 30 when I'm still 25, it really bothers me that I look older than my age. Luckily, Alexiares & Ani The Archangel – Antioxidant Serum works wonders. It works perfectly with fine lines and wrinkles. Regenerates your skin and make you look younger. I love it and will buy again soon.

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