Aromatherapy Associates Candle 40hr

Aromatherapy Associates Candle 40hr



Elegantly designed and beautifully embellished, this candle will create an atmosphere to uplift the senses in any room. Our candles are hand-poured in the United Kingdom and made from the highest quality soy wax with unbleached cotton wicks. Fill your home with the therapeutic benefits of this aromatic candle which burns for 40 hours, or gift the beautifully boxed treat to a loved one.

Indulgence: Heighten your creativity with an alluring scented candle made from natural plant wax. Packed with essential oils like sweet jasmine and earthy geranium, it enhances your intuition and balances emotions.

Inner Strength: Evoke a sense of calm and inner peace to your surroundings with the fortifying combination of frankincense and cardamom to inspire. 100% GM free.

Relax: Luxurious and relaxing, this exquisite West Indian bay and myrrh essential oil blended candle will instil a sense of peace and tranquillity when needed most.

Revive: Infuse your senses in a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere with this citrus blend, made from essential oils of grapefruit and petitgrain, leaving you mentally and emotionally uplifted. 100% GM free.





Aromatherapy Associates Candle 40hr

Aromatherapy Associates Candle 40hr

The scent of Aromatherapy Associates Candle 40hr is very relaxing. I love using this whenever I have a relaxing shower.

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