Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream


In a recent double-blind clinical study conducted by National Skin Centre Singapore (Oct 2013 – May 2014), melasma patients benefitted from a significant improvement in the modified Melasma Area and Severity Index (mMASI) with up to 53% improvement after 84 days when used in conjunction with Crystal Tomato® supplements.

Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream is proven to be highly effective in the treatment of melasma, achieving significant results even after patients have tried industry “gold standard” triple therapies without achieving the desired outcome.

As the new benchmark for effective topical treatment of melasma, it also sets the standard in safety with no use of any harmful and toxic compounds.


Crystal Tomato® is suitable for all skin types. Its main active ingredient is Tyrosinase inhibitor complex with other depigmenting active ingredients including kojic acid, phytic acid, liquorice extract, and alpha-arbutin. This specific cosmeceutical formula acts by inhibiting the enzyme mechanisms that produce melanin.

Continuous application leads to the reduction or eradication of existing skin spots of melanin origin and other skin hyperchromia. It also helps to prevent the formation of new melanin spots.