Olive Oil Skincare Company Soothing Balm – Original

The healing, calming and soothing properties of our original Soothing Balm nourish and moisturise even the most aggravated and sensitive skin types.  Unscented with no colouring agents or additives, the balm is ideal for dry skin, eczema, rashes, bites and burns. Ingredients: 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sorbitan Olivate

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Great for my mum cracked Dry Foot

Avatar hannahtan

Olive Oil Skincare Company Soothing Balm - Original

Mum used it for her dry feet and it soothed her cracked feet instantly. It is not as oily as the normal olive oil she used to use and doesn't smell that strong so you can apply it anytime anywhere. One downfall is it came with a small container thus it finished fast. Other than that this is a great and useful moisturising balm for the skin's beauty / healthy product.

Works wonder!

Avatar jacinthachong

Olive Oil Skincare Company Soothing Balm - Original

“I started just using it on areas that need that extra 'moist'; hands, neck, under eyes, elbows, and lips. Basically it's now my all-in-one product. Instead of needing specific products for those different areas, I'm now just using this balm and it's fantastic! Since I travel quite a bit, having one product work in so many different ways has made life so much easier, plus it actually works! I was really sceptical that one balm could actually do a good job in all different areas, but it does.

Awesome Balm for all my skin area

Avatar vetleow

Olive Oil Skincare Company Soothing Balm - Original

A concentrated balm that can be used anywhere extra hydration is needed, even lips.:). I normally applied over my nose area before any makeup , and it last for whole day ! Suitable for dry skin, in fact all skin due to the natural ingredients within.

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