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Quick Beauty Fixes for the Holiday Season

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With Christmas just around the corner, you can expect the party invites to start stacking up. From work parties to family gatherings, Christmas is a great time of year to get all glammed up and show off your latest dress. The endless partying and late nights can begin to take their toll on your health and your appearance. This means you might not look as great in pictures as you might like. If you’re looking for quick beauty fixes to help you look and feel great this holiday season, why not try one of the following…


In the winter, we tend to hide away and neglect our skin care regimen more than in the summer. Winter is the worst possible time to stop caring for your skin as the harsh weather conditions can lead to dry and cracked skin. A single microdermabrasion session can help to remove all of the dead skin cells that have built up and lead to a dull appearance. And the best part, you won’t need to wear as much makeup to look absolutely stunning!

Teeth whitening

Christmas time means mulled wine, decadent desserts, and other indulgences. Over time, exposure to things like tea, coffee, and red wine can lead to staining of your teeth. If you’re going to be smiling for lots of group photos, it makes sense that you would want your teeth to look as pearly white as possible. Appointments are likely to book up, so call your dentist soon and ask about a visit to the dental hygienist!

Spray tan

We all know that tanning beds are evil, but if your skin is looking a little sallow this time of year, it might be time to think about getting a spray tan. A spray tan will help you to look younger, more vibrant and even slimmer!

Try a new style

People often try new hairstyles in the summer months when they are feeling braver and bolder, but undergoing a total style overhaul in the winter months can help to boost your mood. If you usually have long hair, why not go for something shorter, or opt for a fringe to frame your face. Be bold and you can be sure to wow at this year’s Christmas party!

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