Raise Your Hands If You Want A Solution To Dark Armpits

Raise Your Hands If You Want A Solution To Dark Armpits!

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Dark underarms can be very embarrassing for women. Lightening products don’t always work or take too long to show results. If you’d like to have whiter pits, try a clinically-proven technology: the Q-switched laser. The Clifford Clinic answers the most common questions about why this powerful laser can help whiten underarms more effectively and reliably than bleaching creams.

What causes dark underarms?

Like other “dark spots” on your face and body, dark underarms are caused by hyperpigmentation. Some people are just more prone to produce more pigment in that area. In other cases, especially if you are overweight or diabetic, insulin production or glandular problems cause brown or black markings on the neck, chest, armpit and groin area. Underarms can also become darker from shaving or overplucking.

How does the Q-switch laser help whiten the underarms?

This machine releases very fast, powerful pulses that break down the melanin without damaging the surrounding skin. In a few sessions, your armpits will become fair and flawless. You can raise your hands, or wear those sleeveless blouses and swimsuits without self-consciousness or embarrassment! Another side benefit of the Q-switch laser is that the pulses are also able to treat the hair follicles. Less hair = less need to shave and pluck = less risk of causing armpits to become dark again! Many women also say that the armpit area also becomes smoother and the skin tone looks more even.

How many sessions will I need?

There is visible improvement after the first treatment, but you may need several sessions depending on your case. Laser treatments are usually spaced a month apart.

Is the laser treatment painful?

The sensation feels a little like being tickled or pricked. It is not painful, but you can be given a numbing cream to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during the laser session.

Is the Q-switch laser treatment safe?

Yes, it is. The Clifford Clinic has invested in high-quality Q-switch lasers, and the treatment is administered only by trained medical experts. Side effects are mild (just a little redness or swelling in the area). You will also be given an ointment and instructions on how to care for your armpits to avoid irritating the area.