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Real Women Share Their Natural Skin Care Routine

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All-natural, all-organic skin care is a huge trend. But is it really effective, and how do you find one for your skin type? Real women share the natural skin care routine that worked for them.

natural skin care routine for oily skin

Natural Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin 

Many women find that switching to natural skin care actually controls excess oils. “I realized I was putting on too many harsh products that irritated and triggered my skin,” says Sam, who started using organic skincare several years ago. “The gentle, natural ingredients restored balance to my skin. Now, I only get a little oil on my T-zone. My skin looks healthy, not oily.”

Sam uses natural oils to cleanse. She just picks gentle and non-comedogenic oils like castor oil. “I mix about 2/3 castor oil with 1/3 extra virgin olive oil. I apply with a cotton ball and wipe off dirt and makeup. Then I wash it off with a gentle soap and lukewarm water.”

For toner, she dilutes apple cider vinegar. It removes all traces of her oil cleanser and also controls acne.

 To exfoliate, she adds sea salt, coffee grounds or brown sugar to her castor-oil/olive oil cleanser. If she has leftover lemons, she adds some of its juice and grated lemon rind. “I also use this as a lip scrub or handscrub.

Every week, she mixes Aztec clay with apple cider vinegar. “It works better than a lot of expensive face masks. It cleared up my cystic acne! And one jar of Aztec clay lasts forever!” For a moisture mask, she uses aloe vera gel or manuka honey.

Sam says making her own natural skin care products have helped both her skin and her budget. “A natural skin care routine is soooo cheap and so versatile! You can make so many products for just a few dollars.”

natural skin care routine for dry skin

Natural Skin care Routine for Dry Skin

Cecilia first discovered natural skin care when her baby showed signs of eczema. “I had to buy natural and organic products for both him and me. I was always carrying him so any irritants in my skincare and hair products might transfer to him.”  

She found many good natural and organic brands. “I like Tata Harper, Juice Beauty, Biconi, Kew Organics, Lush, Burt’s Bees and Human Nature.” Since she’s a busy working mom, it’s more convenient for her to shop for natural skincare online.

She also makes many masks at home. “When I puree fruit for baby food I always end up saving some of it for my own face!” she laughs. For example, she mixes papaya mash with turmeric for a skin whitening mask, and saves potato juice (from straining grated potato) to lighten her dark circles.

Since she has dry skin, she always looks for high quality organic oils and plant extracts. Recently, she’s also started using rosewater toner and witch hazel toner. “They’re both very good for anti-ageing and tightening the pores.”

Cecilia is also a big believer in a holistic skin care routine. “Aside from a healthy diet I make sure I get a lot of fluids. I drink green smoothies and fruit smoothies for breakfast. I also add lemon slices into my drinking water.”

natural skin care routine anti ageing

Natural Skin Care Routine for Anti- Ageing

Amanda is 48 years old, but people often think she’s just in her early thirties. She credits vigilant sunscreen, healthy lifestyle, and her natural anti-ageing skin care routine.

“I have been using coconut oil as my moisturizer and makeup remover. I also use rice water to wash my face,” she says, adding that she learned these beauty tricks from her mother.

To fight wrinkles, she uses Ren Bio Retinoid Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate Oil. “I discovered this during a trip to the States. It comes from 100% naturally derived Vitamin A.” It’s expensive, but just a few drops every night keep her skin smooth and radiant.

She also uses sunflower oil and vitamin E oils.  “They are full of antioxidants and can help even out the skin tone.” Twice a week, she massages her face with a jade roller. “I should be doing this more often, but I get lazy!” she laughs.  To speed up cell renewal, she exfoliates with her Clarisonic once a week.

Since her early 40s, Amanda has also started getting regular facials and LED light therapy. “It doesn’t hurt to take advantage of technology!” she says. “Choosing natural products doesn’t mean that you don’t explore other ways of fighting ageing.”

Lastly, Amanda takes skin care supplements that help boost collagen and fight inflammation. “While I try to get as many nutrients through food, a think vitamins are a big must for older women. You need them not just for your skin but your health and immune system.”