7 Reasons Behind Hair Thinning & The Best-selling Asian Hair Treatments To Combat This Concern

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Experiencing hair thinning or hair loss can be a real pain in the ass! Especially when you used to have beautiful & luscious hair. We totally feel you and decided on giving you insights on some of the possible reasons you may be experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, along with recommendations of hair salons that provide treatments to help you!

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can actually lead to a number of health and beauty issues. Some of these issues are adult acne and weight gain. If your hormones are all over the place, it will evidently show on your whole body, including your hair.

As hormones play a big role in regulating your hair growth cycle, the oestrogen help to keep your hair in their growth phase for the optimal length of time. On the other hand, androgens, which are the male hormones are not that hair-friendly and can shorten your hair growth cycle.

Additionally, an excess amount of androgens which can be caused by an endocrine disorder like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), can actually cause hair loss. If you’re someone who is experienced genetic predisposition to follicle sensitivity, a hormonal imbalance may affect your hair more than it would with someone who doesn’t have a predisposition.


It’s no surprise that excessive amounts of stress can cause hair loss, but how does it happen? Well, technically, stress raises the levels of androgen, which then causes hair loss. Not only that, but stress can also cause scalp problems like dandruff, disrupt your eating habits along with messing your digestive system, which can all lead to a negative impact on your hair.

Iron deficiency/anemia

This has to be one of the themes common causes of hair loss in women! As iron is vital in the production of hair cell protein, your hair strands will suffer a negative impact if your body is lacking it.


The thyroid gland in your body helps in regulating your body’s metabolism by controlling the production of protein and tissue use of oxygen. Therefore, any thyroid imbalance can thereon affect your hair follicles. Not only that, if your hypothyroidism is left untreated, it may result in conditions like anaemia which can also affect the condition of your hair.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

When you lack Vitamin B12, it leaves you feeling tired and having low energy. Not only that, most crucially, but it also takes a toll on your hair as it causes hair loss. This is because it affects the health of your red blood cells whose function is to carry oxygen to your tissues.

Dramatic weight loss

When you shed some pounds diligently, your hair will shed too! Whether it’s intentional or unintentional weight loss, your hair will evidently start thinning in excess. This only shows that any nutritional deficiency always shows up in your hair first.


If you’re about to go through menopause or already are in that phase, then you will notice your body changing and your hair thinning. It is said that hair loss becomes more prevalent leading up and after menopause. As we age and get older, our hair gets finer too, which in fact is a natural part of ageing.

Where to get hair thinning treatments in Singapore?

Bee Choo Origin

To combat your hair thinning woes. Bee Choo Origin has its very own Herbal Hair Treatment that will your concern perfectly! Their herbal cream is freshly formulated with all-natural herbs and ingredients that are designed to provide and maintain a healthy scalp. Also, this treatment is absolutely perfect for those of you facing scalp concerns like itchy scalp, white/grey hair, post-pregnancy hair loss, dandruff, hair loss and even oily scalp!

Not only that, the herbal cream used in this treatment aids in unclogging your pores and effectively getting rid of the residues found on your scalp. It ultimately provides your scalp with an abundance of nutrients designed to tackle these issues of yours whilst rebalancing its pH level. This is aimed to help your hair grow in a nutrient-filled environment.

With the help of this herbal treatment by Bee Choo Origin, many customers have seen a reduction in hair loss, thinning and oily scalp in only two treatment sessions. Also, with the use of market research and top quality Chinese herbs, they have improved on the formula of their herbal cream over the years and reformulated it to provide excellent results to their customers.

Cost: $34 for men, $36 – $70 for women

To find out their outlets near you and contact details, click here. Alternatively, book your direct appointment HERE.

Be U Hair Design

The Hair Loss Scalp Treatment by Be U Hair Design is designed to treat hair thinning & hair loss problems that the Asian hair is used to dealing with. It targets the self-renewal of your hair follicle cells while strengthening the hair bulb.

Not only that, but this relaxation scalp treatment by Be U Hair Design also helps in stimulating the dermal papillae for the production of your new strands of hair by clearing away debris on your scalp while stimulating hair bulbs. Additionally, if you’re one with a sensitive scalp, you need not worry as their scalp treatment is 100% organic which makes it perfect for those suffering from mild to severe scalp conditions!  In just 1 session of 90-min, you will feel your hair and scalp feel lighter and more refreshed !

Cost: $178

Address: 176 Orchard Road, #01-33J, The Centre Point, Singapore 238843
+65 81638075
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm (Mon – Fri), 10:30am to 8:30pm (Weekends & PH )

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