Why More Women Are Deciding To Shave Their Face

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / August 31, 2018
Categories : Skincare, Skincare Tips

Let’s chat about facial hair, shall we? Several of our beauty routines involve removing unwanted facial hair, and many women are already committed to this on the regular. Many ladies have often gone to painful lengths to remove undesired hair growth. If your beauty routine wasn’t packed enough, it looks like there’s a new skincare trend making its rounds online and aesthetic clinics. Promising to leave the skin smooth by removing dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair, we’re introducing dermaplaning.

It is the ongoing craze in the beauty industry that prompts you to shave your facial hair! Nearly all skin types can benefit from this method, as long as there are no severe cystic breakouts occurring. This non-surgical procedure guarantees smoother, radiant, and more even skin — not to mention eliminating all the undesired peach fuzz. Dermaplaning is done on your face, under the chin, and the side areas of the neck. One of the best parts is that there is no recovery time. You can opt for DIY shaving methods or have it done by a licensed aesthetician to achieve finer results, then quickly return to your day. Who wouldn’t want that?


After dermaplaning, your skincare and makeup products absorb better and your facial follicles are less likely to clog up with oil and debris. After the process, the change may not be drastic but the texture of one’s skin has shown to be improved. Sticking to a gentle cleansing routine will minimise skin irritation and keep the skin hydrated.

At the end of the day, dermaplaning is basically just a fancy word for shaving your face. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by hair growth, albeit on the face or otherwise. But if you are set on getting rid of it, dermaplaning may be an option you would like to consider. With all the benefits, our skin is craving whatever flawlessness wonder shaving our face has to offer: will you be dermaplaning your face, too?

Photo credit: @fadeaway, @belleandblush