Reverse Skin Ageing With Skinz Kaire

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How old is your skin? Even if you’re in your 20s, your skin condition could already have the damage of someone in their 30s. That’s why it’s never too late to start an anti-aging routine.

What can make our skin age faster?

  • Some people are just born with dry or sensitive skin. These skin types have compromised moisture barriers (that’s the shield that protects your skin from environmental stress and bacteria). Other people may be more prone to hyper pigmentation or large pores.
  • High carb diets have been linked to collagen loss. And it’s not just cakes and sugary drinks – Asian diets have a lot of rice and noodles!
  • Smoking, drinking, crash diets, lack of sleep, stress – does any of this apply to you? Well, each habit can add years to your skin’s age.
  • Sun exposure. You know what UV damage does to your skin. Living in a tropical country like Singapore increases our exposure. Sunblock helps, but most people don’t put enough or reapply as often as they should. UV also penetrates clouds and windows, so staying indoors doesn’t protect you as much as you thought!
  • Bad skincare habits. Skincare should help your skin, but some habits do the reverse. Overwashing your face or using harsh cleansers will strip your skin of moisture. Over-exfoliating can cause micro-tears in your skin surface. Some skincare products also contain harmful ingredients like parabens, irritating perfumes or alcohol.

Skinz Kaire

Reverse skin aging with Skinz Kaire!

Beauty Insider got to try one of Singapore’s homegrown skincare brands, Skinz Kaire.  “We believe that seeing oneself in front of the mirror with beautiful skin in the morning makes a difference in how one starts the day,” say the founders. “Skinz Kaire wants to bring this skincare experience to you.”

The Skinz Kaire anti-aging line uses plant stem cells, which have 1,000 times more anti-oxidants than the usual botanical extracts. Several clinical studies have proven that they can make a huge difference in your skin. They improve your collagen synthesis and renew your cells. It’s like getting a skin reboot!

What to expect from the Skinz Kaire anti-aging line

There are three products that you can use together to reverse your skin’s age.

  1. Stem Cell Ampoule

The ampoule is a very concentrated, very effective product that contains several plant extracts to make your skin smooth, soft and wrinkle-free!

Just a quick look at the ingredient list can tell you how many different kinds of antioxidants are going to go into your skin: camellia leaf extract, chamomile extract, lappa root extract, tomato root extract, apple fruit extracts, even a fruit cell culture extract! Each one delivers its own unique benefits and works together to heal even the most damaged skin.

“I definitely see an improvement with overall texture and brightness to my skin when using the Skinz Kaire’s ampoules. Since I started using the ampoules, I wake up in the morning with healthy-looking skin!” said Helen Wiryadinata.

  1. Hydra Pro-lift Serum

The first sign of aging isn’t wrinkles, but dryness and irritation, and bigger pore size. Your skin is already starting to lose moisture and elasticity.

That’s why Hydra Pro-lift Serum contains several calming ingredients to reduce inflammation and irritation. It has cucumber extract, aloe leaf extract, ginseng root extract and more. Other ingredients draw in moisture and help even out your skin tone.

“After using Skinz Kaire for 2 to 3 weeks, my pores are smaller, and my skin tone is more even and fairer,” said BC Ng, who added that she’s recommended the product to her husband and her friends.

  1. Skin Perfecting Cream

When you live in a tropical urban area like Singapore, it’s inevitable to expose your skin to sun and pollution. The Skin Perfecting Cream helps protect your skin from all that environmental damage. The antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and heal damaged skin from within. It can also reduce itching and swelling.

There’s another reason why Skinz Kaire can help detox your skin. Its products don’t contain any harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum derivatives, glycols and silicones.

So what you get from Skinz Kaire is just pure goodness for your skin. You can’t help growing older, but your skin doesn’t have to age faster than you do. Who knows, with proper diet and lifestyle changes and a powerful anti-aging routine, a decade from now, you could be 40 years old with 30-year-old skin!

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