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Struggling from hair loss? Do not panic, you are just one of the many! Hair loss can occur for a myriad of reasons. The best way to combat this is to act fast and protect your hair and scalp at all costs. Thanks to TK Trichokare, Beauty Insider had the luxury of experiencing a pampering session called the TriOxy Treatment that fixed all our hair loss concerns. 

Why does Hair Loss Occur?


It can severely affect the morale of any young woman if you notice thinning or poor hair health. Furthermore, there is little or no education toward haircare unlike skincare or makeup tips. Hair loss occurs due to genetics, hormonal changes such as pregnancy, poor lifestyle habits, severe stress or chemical procedures.

These above changes in the body and beauty routine of anyone can accelerate the process of hair loss. Everyone loses about 50 to 100 strands a day. However, if you notice excessive hair fall on your pillow or after shampooing, it is time to be alarmed. Another way to notice poor hair health is with excessive hair breakage or slow hair growth. These three factors contribute to a poor head of hair. 

I’m Losing my Hair, Now What?!


Do not fret! Remember stress is one of the reason why your hair can fall out! Some things such as hereditary problems are inevitable, (blame Mum and Dad) but there are many steps you can take on the daily to get ahead of the problem.

  • Have a Vitamin Rich Diet
  • Use Heat Protectant When Using a Heating Tool
  • Have a Weekly Regime for a Scalp Mask
  • Drop That Dry Shampoo Bottle
  • Get a Full Hair Diagnosis

Most of the steps above are easy to implement at the comfort of your home. However, the most important steps require a professional. Hair salons can fix your hair problems, however, a Trichologist is the most informed opinion you should trust. Thankfully, we had the amazing opportunity to try out the services for ourselves at TK Trichokare. We experienced their customised signature hair loss treatment – TriOxy at one of Trichokare’s outlets. Suitable for even sensitive scalps and damaged hair, the TriOxy treatment was both an eye-opening experience as well as a relaxing pampering session. 

First Impressions of TK Trichokare

Walking into Trichokare for the first time will be welcoming surprise. The aesthetic is pleasant and the hospitable Trichologist, a certified hair professional, will put you at ease instantly. The Trichologist then brings you into a private room to get your hair and scalp analysed. Most of the time root hair problems can be traced back to poor scalp care.

Reception area at Trichokare

Hair growth occurs from the pores of the scalp. if these pores are clogged or unhealthy it would cause new hair growth to struggle and can even cause hair breakage! Unhealthy hair starts at the scalp and few people target the problem at the root. Your hair therapist will also make you fill up a form on your lifestyle habits and your past experience with hair loss or chemical treatments done in the past. Based on that she will recommend the best treatment for your scalp and hair care needs.

Before Scalp Treatment – Oily Scalp with Thick Layers of Dandruff

TriOxy Treatment

The first step of the treatment starts with a thorough wash and conditioning. The shampoo and other products used are infused with special European herbal hair remedies that are entirely customised based on the scalp and hair analysis done by the Trichologist.

Then a relaxing heating pad is used on your shoulders while the therapist does a hair massage for your hair and scalp to prepare you hair for the next steps. Relaxation is a vital part of the Trichokare experience as it helps the scalp best absorb the necessary nutrients to promote long term hair growth.

OxyPeel, OxyJet and OxyNutrient

The TriOxy Treatment is a 3-step process. Starting with the OxyPeel that is applied directly to the scalp. This process helps clear sebum and clogged pores to create a fertile ground that promotes hair growth that is sustainable and healthy.

Next the OxyJet is a a large machine tool that sprays oxygen deep into the pores of the scalp. As with most facials, oxygen is a vital ingredient that promotes blood circulation and thus hair follicle growth. The Oxyjet helps to increase cell metabolism and kick starts slower pores to increase hair growth. Lastly a red laser light therapy is used to heal the scalp and support hair regeneration.


The entire process done by Trichokare can feel rather intimidating. However, the best part of the treatment is the obvious positive after effects we saw. The scalp scan showed a clean scalp that was dandruff free. The scalp also felt cleaner and less itchy. We were extremely pleased with the After pictures of our scalp condition. The Trichologist will also advise you the optimum number of treatments your hair needs to get on its journey back to recovery. 

Experience the Before and After Yourself!

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Do not suffer in silence. Hair loss can be treated effectively with the right therapists at the right place. Give TK Trichokare’s customised treatment a try and walk away with the confidence to face the day!

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