Roll Away Your Cellulite

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This patented slimming technique breaks down fat deposits and smooths out orange peel skin for a firmer and sculpted silhouette.

Cellulite, these stubborn pockets of fat that create unsightly, rippled orange-peel skin is the bane of most women – fat, thin, active or not. No matter how much we workout or eat well, most of us are still plagued by it. this condition only gets worse after childbirth and as we age as skin laxity makes cellulite more obvious.
Lipomassage by endermologie (LPG) is a patented slimming technique that claims to reactivate the fat release process (lipolysis) to erase localised fat. LPG Roll’s mechanical stimulation triggers cellular stimulation, breaks down fat deposits and restores collagen and elastin production for a more refined figure and firmer, smoother skin – and is even pain-free!

Roll Away

Treatment process
I made my appointment at Spa Club and was ushered into their luxurious VIP Suite which comes with ensuite sauna. My therapist made me change into a specialised bodysuit called endermowear which is not only for hygienic purposes but also for comfort and privacy during my session.
She started the treatment on my bottom and thighs. Surprisingly, despite the strong rolling and suction of the
LPG machine, the Lipomassage felt strangely relaxing and soothing to me and I was even able to doze off when she was working on my back! the massage techniques were varied – from rolling to pummeling, and covered all aspects of my problem areas. it was a little sensitive on some parts like my inner and outer thighs, and on areas that were less fleshy, like my tummy.
The 60 minutes flew past and unfortunately, I did not have time to sit in the sauna for 15 minutes to enhance my session’s result and boost my metabolism for more effective fat release.

I was sore in the areas where I had my massage. My body also felt more taut and defined. For best results, six sessions, done twice weekly are recommended, followed by monthly sessions to prevent fat cells and fibroblasts from reverting to a state of inactivity.

WHERE: SPA CLUB at Beach Road
75 Beah Road, Level One and Two
Fu Yuen Building
SIngapore 189689
Tel: + 65 6339 9238

COST: A&B readers get a special trial price of $288 instead of $488. Price comes with a complimentary one-day spa experience with heated indoor pool, steam and sauna.

For reservations, please SMS <LPG ABG> <Name> to 90700087