Just last week, British supermodel, actress and entrepreneur Rosie Huntington-Whiteley announced that she and her actor husband, Jason Statham are expecting their second child. Then, a few days laters, she dropped another news saying that she will be launching a beauty line called Rose Inc Beauty Collection. Double congratulations to the 34-years-old star! 

Honestly, for me, personally, I have been following Rosie’s career blossoming from one industry to the other, ever since I saw her strutting down the centre of the stage of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Rosie is no stranger to the spotlight—having almost 20 years of experience in the business, she obviously knows how to conduct a professional career. The name Rose Inc Beauty Collection is actually an extension to her three-years-old beauty editorial website, with the same name. In a press statement, she explained, this is what she has been dreaming to have ever since she moved to LA to become a model. 

‘’I have always loved everything about skin care and makeup,’’ the model said. And thus, with an already-existing editorial website that she served as the founder and CEO, Rosie said that it would be poetic to birth products that are tied heavily to the site itself. Here, Beauty Insider shares all details that we know so far about the supermodel’s brand. 

Rosie’s History With Skincare

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has never shy away from sharing her skin problems with the public. She has repeatedly stated that she’s been battling with acne prone skin ever since she was a teenager. She explained it was not easy for her to keep on a quest to find a product that is suitable for her skin. So, why not create one instead? And of course, just like any other girl out there, her first inspiration in makeup would come from her mother. ‘’I’ve always admired the way my mother would put on her makeup right before she went out to work or a night out. It really gives you that flash of confidence.’’ Rosie said, from there she wanted to create a product that will help girls and boys out there with a jab of confidence every time they wear her makeup. ‘’It really helps you get through the day,’’ she added. 

With the help of her career—one of the most globally recognized supermodel—Rosie explained how it further enhanced her spirit to proceed creating the beauty line. Throughout her 20 years career, Rosie explained, all the time she spent sitting on the chair, getting her makeup and hair done is totally mesmerizing. After all these years she still enjoyed watching herself getting dolled up, hair played with and transformed into any character that was handed out to her on that day. It’s just that Barbie life, we take it? 

The First Rose Inc Beauty Collection

When it comes to ideas, Rosie explained that she had this vision of creating a few collections, but she understands that she will need to take slow steps by introducing the brand to her fans, first and foremost. The mother of one further stated, ‘’The very first collection will be called Modern Essentials. It’s all about the key product that I can’t live without.’’ What does this mean? Will we be able to look as stunning as Rosie soon? I bet you, we will

Basically the first collection will be focusing on products that will instantly make a difference to her day—we’re talking concealer, blusher, brow products, lip cream, a set of brushes and two skincare products, that will be a serum and a daily toner. The lineups are impressive! We’re excited already, can you tell? And on top of all that, the brand is totally cruelty-free and sustainable, which means they came in with a handy refillable packaging. So, when you hit the pan, instead of buying a whole new packaging, you can just buy the refill pack and add to an already-existing tube. How cool? 

The Beauty Of Minimalism 

If you’re a big fan of Rosie, like me, you’ll know that she’s always about that minimalist life. She once said that nothing gives her comfort than knowing that ‘’less is more,’’ and she brought that belief into the creation of her beauty line. Rosie said, ‘’I know some brand are all about those sparkly and a foil and overlay sort of glamorous piece of look, but we’re really need to change the game and ask ourselves, what packaging looks like from a sustainable angle?.’’ To summarize, she wanted a fresh, modern approach that is often overlooked in the beauty industry. 

The Lineup Products 

We have explained earlier, that the first collection will be focusing on products that will instantly make a difference to her day—we’re talking concealer, blusher, brow products, lip cream, a set of brushes and two skincare products, that will be a serum and a daily toner. But when it comes to shade range? What can we expect? Well, for starters, the concealer will be available in 20 different shades. For brow gels, there will be two choices, you can pick either clear brow gels or tinted brow gels. For lip products however, she did not reveal the colours just yet, but the best part is, the lip products can also be applied to as a cream blusher. The products are set to range in between $18 to $72. So, pretty affordable, right?

Rose Inc. will exclusively be available at Sephora.com and Roseinc.com on August 27.

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