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CEO and founder of Skin Inc, Sabrina Tan, is flying high with plans to penetrate the beauty markets in the Middle East, United States and Europe with her award-winning skincare solutions. Since it was founded in 2007, the business has grown from one store in Singapore, to 17 outlets across 16 cities worldwide. To think that her empire started from trying to find a solution for her eczema-prone skin! She shares her beauty tips with A&B.

With so many products out there, what do we really need for good skin?

Good skin starts with knowledge of what your skin condition is and what it needs to improve upon that condition. Our approach is to discover your “skin identity”, something we have advocated since the company began. This is done through our SKINCheck, which can be done in our stores, or online (

Can you share with us your beauty regimen?

I firmly believe in a good overall regime using products with a combination of active ingredients that are multi-tasking and multi-benefit, as we are all so busy and have little time to spare. My skincare regime is just three steps and includes prepping the skin using Pure Revival Peel, nourishing the skin with our customisable Encapsulated Serums and hydrating with a sleeping mask. I love the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, our “overnight wonder”!

What are your favourite Skin Inc beauty products or treatments?

Apart from our Encapsulated Serums, I love our Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum and Age-Revival Stem Cell Eye+ that contains 20 active ingredients. The key ingredient is a stem cell extract from a rare apple, which helps skin cells retain their youthful suppleness and inner glow. My laugh lines have disappeared after use! When I use our serums and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, I also use our Optimiser+ (AIO), a device that combines LED technology and low infrared to enable the active ingredients to penetrate better into the skin.

Beauty is also about having peace of mind, how do you relax?

I enjoy photography, and posting on Instagram! Looking at and creating beautiful images is very relaxing to me.

Do you believe in aesthetic treatments and have you done any?

I think all women (and men) want to look good, so it is not a matter of whether one believes in it or not, but whether you feel more confident with these treatments. I am considering going for a filler treatment in a few years’ time.

Would you ever do plastic surgery?

Honestly, I am not considering it at present.

Complete this sentence, “Beauty to me is…”

The radiance that results from inner strength, love and confidence.

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