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Samina Speaks: 10 Tips to Start Your 2020 Strong

Categories : Wellness

As with every year, 2019 did not arrive without its share of hardships and tough moments. And for that, we say: thank you, next. The year might not have been all sunshine and rainbows, but with the new decade upon us, it is time to kick off the year with a fresh mind! Here, our resident beauty columnist and strong female empowerment leader, Samina is back to share with us 10 tips to start your 2020 right and strong!

Positivity is Key


Before you roll your eyes at this, hear me out. The idea of having a positive mindset might seem too cliche at the point, but the truth is that it really does matter. Whether it be a difficult fiscal year or a heartbreak, life is still going to happen and there is no use in fighting the inevitable. Instead, seize the day by looking on the brighter side and focus on becoming a better you everyday. By dedicating your time to this process, it will allow you to have a better peace of mind at the very least.

Let Go of Toxic Relationships


Be it a terrible partner or a friend who constantly tries to tear you down, toxic relationships are undeniably a brain drain for all of us. As with any relationship, it should only stand to impact you in positive ways and drive you to be your best self. With that said, if you are still hanging onto energy vampires, it is high time to start focusing on you and detox yourself from the negatives.

If you are dealing with a friendship that is starting to bring negativity into your life, set out to resolve them to the best of your ability. The key to doing this is to start by reevaluating and reflecting on yourself. Is there anything you can improve on yourself?

Eat Healthy


When your parents said “you are what you eat”, they really meant it. A healthier you starts from eating a healthy diet! Of course, eating a healthy diet can do wonders for your gut, which is the main organ responsible for keeping your body in working order. So you might want to start looking after your gut and stock up on those leafy greens!

If you do not have a faint idea of where to start, I highly recommend taking probiotic-rich foods. Kombucha tea is my absolute go-to as not only does it taste amazing, but it helps creates healthy bacteria in your gut too!

Check Your Hormone Levels


Checking one’s hormone levels is not exactly on the top of the list of things to do for many people, but it should start being so. As someone who personally suffers from endometriosis, I am no stranger to having a myriad of problems from mood swings to skincare woes. I am all too familiar with how hormones can wreck havoc on our wellbeing, which is why I highly encourage everyone to get checked on any gynaecological issues. Once you get your hormones in check, you will start to see the immense improvement in your life!

Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt


Let us be real: We have all experienced self-doubt at some point of our lives. Even the most successful or confident people do not always know what they are doing! Although self-doubt may be a common enemy we all face, you should not let it stop you from reaching your goals.

If you know you are amazing, don’t be afraid to show it to the world! With that said, the process is not one without its tribulations, so take it one day at a time! First things first, you can start by setting realistic goals daily and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they are. On top of that, try to seek out for a different perspective form your loved ones to challenge your bad thoughts!

Spend Time with Your Friends


While we leave the toxic friends behind in 2019, turn your attention to the friends who matter to you! The new year calls for the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, so put the cellphones away and start making time out for them! Whether you are one for chill drinks at the bar or a wild night out, being around the people you trust and love can be liberating. So if you have always wanted to rekindle your friendship with your girls, ring them up now!

Live Fearlessly


Make 2020 the year we bid farewell to the inhibitions and being consumed by fear. Of course, living fearlessly does not mean making reckless and unthought-out decisions. It is about erasing your fears to embark on your pursuits! After all, life is too short to let fear hold you back.

If you have always wanted to get those fillers, take the first step to consult your doctor! Or if you have always wanted to pick your hand in a new skill, go for it! Always remember that nobody lives your life except you, so grab the bull by its horns and do not let anyone stop you!

Give Back


The old adage, ‘giving is a gift’, has been said one too many times, but it is a cliche for good reason. Giving back to charity can not only makes a positive impact, but it can be deeply rewarding for you too! Studies have even shown that giving back can significantly improve one’s mental well-being!

If you are looking to hop on board the charity train, start by supporting a cause that you are truly passionate about! You can do so by donating any amount of your choice to the organisation or raising awareness for the cause. Although the efforts might seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things, knowing that you are doing your part for the world is empowering, and I promise you it will help bring a new perspective in life.

Discover the World


If you have always dreamed of living out your ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ fantasy, why not turn it into a reality? You will be surprised at what immersing yourself into a new culture and meeting new people can do to broaden your perspective. My greatest advice would be to keep yourself open to new experiences. After all, you might not know what amazing people or may come your way!

Pop in a Supplement or Two


We all know the wonders supplements can do for our health and of course, the miraculous benefits it has on our appearance! Health and beauty aside, various supplements can even help boost your mood! As with any form of supplement, do make sure to check with a professional first before consuming them!

Also, check in with your doctor to see how you can improve on your overall health! I cannot emphasise the importance of going for annual health checks enough. After all, taking care of your mental and physical wellness is the cornerstone to having a happy and healthy year ahead.