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Scratch the Famous 10-Step Skincare Routine, Jessica Jung Shares Some of Her 16-Step Skincare Routine Beauty Tips

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When K-pop stars share their beauty and skincare routines, the whole world stops for a while and everybody listens. K-beauty trends have managed to sweep the world of its feet with its elaborate effective beauty tips and tricks.

Jessica Jung who is very famous in South Korea, born and raised in San Francisco, is one great example! Besides proving her acting worth, this gal has become one of the new aspirational beauty gurus online, too.

Like a real k-beauty guru, she has let us all in her skin secrets!

Half of this beauty’s skincare routine is all about taking care of her skin. She begins her routine with a new step most people haven’t heard of yet, that is applying soaked cotton pads on the apple of her cheeks and forehead and letting them set in their for a good minute.

Next thing she does is applying her dose of essence, moisturiser and eye cream with her bare hands. She shares, “I like to use the heat of my hands because it helps the skin absorb the products.”

She tops off all the skincare products she uses with a hydrating facial mist. She also gave an extra tip useful for jet-setter women, “On flights where it’s really dry, I spray it all over the place”, Jessica Jung said. She sprays mist all over her head, face and body and applies loads of lip balm too.

She also follows and believes the sunscreen tip. She applies it after spraying the mist all around her before applying her foundation.

When asked about her makeup routine, she confidently responded, “A lot of my friends say, ‘did you even put on makeup?’ and that’s exactly what I want.” Because really, who wants makeup to look too obvious and cake-y? This girl really knows what she’s doing.

She shares she applies her personal favourite blush in the shade of peach by simply lightly dabbing it on her cheeks. She also swoops in a light taupe shade of eye shadow to give her eyes some slight drama that is wearable even on sunny days! She pairs it with a streak of eyeliner on her upper eye water lines.

Jessica is also known for her lovely eyelashes that make her look like such a sweet doll. She recommends warming up the eyelash curler with a hair dryer. While that may be a little extreme for some, Jessica Jung suggests “Check it on the palm of your hand” to make sure the eyelash curler isn’t too hot to damage your natural lashes. After curling the lashes, she applies one coat of mascara for an elaborate but simple look.

She also shared some personal lipstick style preference and trick. “I don’t like my lipstick to be too perfect”, Jessica shared, “so what I do is put colour in the middle and then dab it with my fingertip. This lipstick trick gives off a soft effect on the lip, slightly made up and slightly washed out. She tops it with a layer of lip balm to keep her lips hydrated and locks her look with a facial mist setting spray!

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