sephora beauty launches 2019

Sephora Beauty Launches in October 2019 that We are Stoked for

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It looks like Halloween is not the only thing to be excited about this October. Sephora has just launched five exclusive beauty brands and collections in-stores and online. So girls, go and get your wallets ready!

Beauty Insider has got you covered on the hottest beauty launches at Sephora this October 2019 to get you ready for the Fall.

Sephora Collection Good Skincare

sephora beauty launches 2019

Many beauty brands are going green and it looks like Sephora is on board with this trend. Sephora Collection Good Skincare is the brand’s latest eco-friendly skincare line that boasts effective products suitable for all skin types. 

This skincare line delivers products made from all-natural ingredients, including hyaluronic acid derived from wheat and natural peptides from marine algae. Perfect for maintaining fresh-looking skin while being environmentally sustainable! 

The best part? The collection offers products at nothing over $40 so you can get these bad boys without breaking the bank. We recommend going for the Ultra Glow Serum for that firm, glowing skin!

Sephora Collection Good Skincare is available at Sephora outlets and online store.

Dear Dahlia

sephora beauty launches 2019

K-beauty lovers, the wait for Dear Dahlia is over! This well-beloved Korean skincare brand is the latest Sephora beauty launch and it promises all-natural products for nourished skin. Plus, the brand is vegan and cruelty-free!

Furthermore, Dear Dahlia’s products are infused with the brand’s unique ingredient, Dahlia Variabili Flower Extract, which is rich in antioxidants to give your skin a youthful-looking radiant glow. If you are looking to get natural, glowing skin while covering your imperfections, go for the Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion!

Dear Dahlia is available exclusively at Sephora’s online store.

Charlotte Tilbury

sephora beauty launches 2019

After a long wait, Charlotte Tilbury has finally hit our shores! Founded by the makeup legend herself, Charlotte Tilbury’s award-winning makeup brand has been making its waves for its revolutionary products. With cult-favourites including the Magic Cream and the Matte Revolution Lipstick coming to Sephora, you can expect instant glamour perfect for any occasion with this Sephora beauty launch. We recommend the iconic Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 to bring out those puckers.

Also, be sure to check out the all-new Charlotte Tilbury beauty counters at Sephora Ion to discover Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic makeup looks and skincare secrets.

Charlotte Tilbury will be available at Sephora from October 10th 2019.



Your eyelashes could not get any bolder! Velour has become a cult favourite worldwide for its glam and bold falsies. Aside from its high-quality handcrafted eyelashes, Velour’s eyelashes have been making its rounds for being cruelty-free. These eyelashes are also made with naturally shedded mink hair harvested from free-range zoos, so you have poppin’ lashes while being environmentally friendly!

What’s more, even Queen Bey herself is a fan of Velour lashes! What is not to love about these glam falsies? For those extra full volume lashes, we recommend getting the ‘Trust Me, Try it’ eyelashes.

Velour is available at Sephora’s online store.


Biossance is on a mission to provide effective clean products made for all skin types. Using innovative biotechnology, the brand prides itself for providing products are entirely made from squalane, which is known to combat ageing signs and intensely hydrate skin. Additionally, the brand derives its squalane from sugar cane. In short, this brand is nothing but clean and environmentally sustainable!

What’s more, Biossance is backed by Bill Gates, so you know that this brand is seriously dedicated to biotechnology. For starters, we recommend getting the bestselling Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil for a brighter skin complexion.

Biossance is available exclusively at Sephora’s online store.

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