For many of us, stepping in on huge makeup stores can be extremely overwhelming — especially if you are faced with hundreds of products they have available for sale. The same goes for when landing in on Sephora Singapore’s site. It is the perfect online place for all your beauty needs! We do not know […]

2017 has been an interesting year for the beauty industry; with crazy to lovely beauty trends like colored eyelash extensions, lip suction devices for lip pouting, to snail mucus skincare products and facial treatments. And we doubt this is streak of beauty trends is coming to halt this 2018. We’ve browsed through Pinterest and spent […]

How to be the “best-est” friend ever? Give your bestfriend something he or she will not only like, but actually enjoy using too! You could be on your bestfriend’s nice list this Christmas by gifting them a unique and on-trend beauty gift set presents! Check out our list of BFF Gift sets that will seal […]

Finding gifts for beauty lovers can be a daunting task. You have to take into account what they like, what skin type they belong to, what your budget is… the list gets longer. Well, if you are looking for gift ideas, look no further. SASA has conveniently launched their “Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide” featuring perfect […]

Level up your skincare with powerful anti-aging ingredients! While there are beauty innovations ranging from snail essence to stem cells, these clinically-tested compounds have proven their worth again and again.

Finding the best foundation isn’t just about getting the perfect color — it’s figuring out the best formula for your skin. A creamy foundation that works on dry skin will feel too thick on someone with oily skin. And as your skin changes because of hormonal shifts or aging, you’ll have to reconsider the best […]

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) has kicked off, and the bargains are pouring! Here are some ways to get more deals, bigger discountsin the best beauty products in Singapore.

When it comes to sun protection, bigger isn’t always better. You’re good with SPF 50, and though you’ll see products with SPF 70 (or even 100!) FDA says that these are “inherently misleading” because any additional protection is misleading. In fact, Australia, Canada and Japan have set a cap of SPF 50 on sun protection […]

Primers can help your foundation look better and last longer, and hide pores and dullness so your skin looks radiant even before you apply your base.

A quick dab of sunscreen is not enough. Sweat and several hours of direct sun exposure will make a regular sunscreen as effective as running in flip flops: yes, you can do it, but you’re not going to get very far without feeling the damage.

Founder of SaferSkin, Olivia Choong, decodes beauty ingredients and why we should avoid them.

Face masks are the perfect beauty treat. The ingredients work magic on your skin while you literally sit back and relax.