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Try These Short Hairstyles for Girls According to Your Face Shape

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There is a wealth of pegs when you are looking up hairstyles for girls, and often short hairstyles for women is the last thing on our minds. Why? Because we think short hair for girls is too hard to pull off. But that is the farthest thing from the truth because all face shapes can go short—pixie cut short! Yes, even face shapes that have a bit more cheeks than the rest.

Here are the top five face shapes and tips on how you can get the best suited pixie cut.

Round Face Shape

Most women will probably say that their face shape is round, but that often is not the case. True round faces have soft edges or jawlines, chins that are not pointy, and are slightly wider at the cheeks than the forehead. Chubby cheeks do not necessarily mean a round face. To know if your face shape is truly round, the widths of your forehead, cheeks, and jaw are equal.

You have a round face? Before you say you cannot pull off a pixie cut and skip to the next article, know this: there is a pixie cut for everyone. Even for you. The key is in creating balance. Shorter layers at the back can give you height and volume at the crown. You can make your face look more angular with side swept bangs.

Square Face Shape

Similar to a round face, the square face is practically the same measurement at the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The only difference is you have a very strong and pronounced jawline. Most prefer to soften their angular face shape with a soft layered cut. Avoid blunt cuts as it will only make everything look sharper. Straight, choppy bangs also might not work for you. A better option might be side swept bangs that touches the brows. And do not forget to play with color to soften up your whole look.

Heart Face Shape

A heart shaped face is a bit easy to determine because of the chin—you most likely have a pointy chin. Think: Reese Witherspoon. This face shape can try longer layers in front and shorter layers at the back to give you a bit of height and length. Side swept bangs can also add balance to your face by bring the attention off your chin. A pixie cut with long layers is great for your face shape, but try not to add to much volume around the sides of your head.

Oval Face Shape

Last but not the least is the most coveted face shape. You face is an oval shape if the length (from top to bottom or chin) is almost one and a half times longer than the width. Good news, if you have this face shape. You can practically wear any pixie cut! Go for piecey cuts or a bit of spunk by using a razor on the sides of your head ala Katy Perry. Your face shape means you do not have to be hesitant to try even the most funky and edgy cuts because you can most likely get away with it!