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Simple and Timeless Facial Beauty Tips to Kickstart your 2019!

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So much about beauty is the day to the day lifestyle choices that affect our skin condition in the long run. Most of us have typically healthy skin that gets aggravated by stresses or harsh pollutants that exist in the atmosphere.

Being in Singapore, the culture of a fast-paced lifestyle, for both work ad play, is the norm. To combat this, it is essential to keep up an easy to follow skincare regimen. We at Beauty Insider are here to help you out! Follow these useful tips and start 2019 right!

Don’t Go to Bed Without Washing your Face!

We know. We know We know. Meghan Markle does it. We do it too. But leaving dirt, leftover makeup and oil on your face overnight could be your biggest beauty mistake yet.

Night time is when your skin does its renewal best and preventing it from doing so delays the work your serums are meant to do. Not just that, but in the long run it can damage skin texture and change the condition of your skin from normal to oily.

The least you can do is grab a cleansing wipe and thoroughly steam your face in the morning.

Invest in a Facial Salon

Masks and serums can only do so much. Regularly getting professional help allows your skin to be refreshed and renew so that it can better absorb the treatments and serums that are part of your regular skincare regimen.

Pinpoint a particular skin concern that you have that your facial products do not seem to be targeting and choose facials based on that. For those of you blessed with #goodskin get ahead of the anti-ageing world and help your skin be its best.

Ditch your Pore Clogging Foundations!

Controversial. We know! But with the humidity that is Singapore, hardly any of it stays on anyway! Foundations are great for close up photo moments or a special occasion. However, your day-to-day makeup routine should not be relying on it for an even complexion.

As hard as it is to imagine, dream with us. A world where you do not have to worry about touching your face. A world where you can bravely wear white unafraid. A world that is foundation-free!

Focus instead on improving your complexion and a you will soon be ready to ditch your correctors even! Trust us your face is an investment worth making.