Insider Trend: Bonjour, Madame! 5 Simple Steps To Nail The French Girl Beauty

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / October 13, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

French women are known for a lot of things—a mysterious gaze, their soft-spokenness with a bit of sternness in their voice, their love for hosting grandeur parties and of course, their timeless, classical beauty that never goes out of style. French beauty is way way way different than American beauty. They’re carefree, often embracing their flaws and wrinkles and never over-sculpted like how the American do. So if there’s one thing to describe the French girl’s beauty? Naturality

The Frenchie often wear their hair and makeup elegantly, they’re being so carefree in showcasing their true skin condition. It’s like there’s a blurred line between perfectionism and undone beauty, you know what I mean? Think of Dakota Johnson or Ana De Armas—always confident with their visible freckles, minimal makeup, and messy hairs. Yet, they talk, walk and eat with the sense of sultry in between their eyes. And if there’s anything that a French girl cannot live without, it is obviously their pouty red lipstick. 

French girls’ obsession with their lip products is unspeakable, they’re higher than  my love towards my matcha latte. Which is considered very serious, by the way. But, other than their I-just-woke-up-like-this hairstyles and pouty red lips, what are some of the biggest beauty secrets that French girls swear by? Tadaa, Beauty Insider went through a lot of Frenchie dictionaries to find out what else is there that literally helps French girls feel the prettiest. 

Always Wear SPF

Have you ever wondered why some 50 years old French women tend to look younger than American women who are in their 30s? The answer is none other than sunscreen. If there’s one thing that French girls cannot live without when it comes to skincare, it is applying sunscreen before putting on their makeup. If you walk around the town in France, you’ll see that all French women tend to look comfortable and relax in their skin, not to mention, even if their skin indeed shows signs of ageing, they embrace it openly. Because they know they have SPF to look after their skin. So, fine lines, wrinkles or uneven skin tones, which are mostly the primary skin concern when it comes to American women, French women say, ‘’I had nothing to worry about.’’ SPF is a must for French women, it has become a part of their lives. So please remember to layer a good amount of sunscreen even if you’re working from home. You need good protection from those green and blue lights coming out of your electronic devices, as well. 

Please, Scrub Your Lips

Dry, flaky and chapped lips? It’s a no from the French girls.  Like mentioned before, French girls are very particular about their lips and lip products. So before applying a good lipstick, they’ll need to prepare for a good canvas. In another case, lip scrub is one of the most sought after lip products in French because, um, you know, France is the city of love. You can do romance with a sad looking lip condition, yeah? So make sure to scrub off your dry lips and remove all dead skin cells around your lips area before you have a good giddy time with your boo. After that, glide your favorite lipstick smoothly to coat the sexiest part of your body. Known as, the lips

The Good Colour Combo 

Okay, no bias here but we need to point out something real quick. You see how those American women have been rocking different kinds of colours all over their face—blusher, contour, eyeshadow, and lipstick? Sometimes there’s too much colour that you can’t find the right way to stare. French women on the other hand, keep it simple when it comes to playing colours on their canvas. For example, instead of using two different tones, French girls like to use the same products on both cheeks and lips. A good amount of lip products is enough to elevate the appearance of your cheekbone structure. Maintaining the same lip-cheek colour is the best way to showcase your natural side. It also makes it easier for you to carry just one product, too. A quick bathroom break to re-apply your lipstick and your blusher!

Dry Shampoo That Mane

Ever wonder how French women managed to get those flawless sexy bed hair vibes? Because they make dry shampoo as their best friend. While American girls came out with a different kind of shampoo application from the bathroom, French girls flaunted their natural mane with a spritz of dry shampoo on their scalp and called it a day. Brush your hair right after or simply tussle it for a more natural curly look. The rest? Let the wind blow off your hair to make you look sexy, and mysterious while strolling down the city. C’est la vie.

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