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Sustainable beauty. Those two little words seem to be nothing more than just vanity catchphrases, but making our beauty purchases a bit more efficient and environmentally friendly is more than just a gimmick. It’s a smart move to do for the survival of our world. And, no matter how insignificant they may appear in the context of the colossal issues we confront as a nation, our individual decisions do count. 

In that vein, one element to ponder about is our daily beauty regimen. More precisely, what we buy, how frequently we shop, and whether or not we actually finish using those products before throwing it inside the garbage cans—at the end, it all winds up in the waste landfills. Keep in mind that according to Euromonitor International, the beauty business is one of the planet’s major pollutants. Yikes! 

But it’s good to know that younger generations are taking this shift more seriously than ever. 90 percent of millennials stated they are prepared to spend extra for ethical and eco-friendly beauty items, compared to 61 percent of the older generations. While transformation might be scary, know that being an ecologically conscientious buyer and being enthusiastic about your beauty regimen are not contradictory. 

While we enjoy a good cosmetic haul and finding new beauty brands, beauty and wellness goods are right up there when it comes to producing waste that is harmful to the environment and our pockets. Shopping for beauty products mindfully and sustainably does not have to be difficult. Either you want to reduce your chemical use, start recycling, or reduce your beauty spending, Beauty Insider shares four ideas to give your beauty regime a sustainable revamp.

Use More Reusable Items 

Biodegradable makeup removal pads that are made of cotton or microfiber cloth are an excellent eco-friendly solution. Did you know that making a cotton T-shirt requires 20,000 litres of water and a slew of chemicals? Cotton is exploited in the beauty industry to manufacture makeup remover pads and buds, which many beauty enthusiasts use on a daily basis. To begin, consider switching to certified organic pads, like Sephora Collection Reusable Cotton Pads or Root Remedies Crochet Cotton Pads which are healthier for the planet. When it comes to cotton buds, we suggest bamboo swabs. Which are preferable to plastic swabs.

Find Refillable Beauty Products 

We should reuse or refill wherever possible—this is the direction we should all be taking with consumer items. Refillable products reduce the number of materials created or withdrawn from the inception. The good news is that an increasing number of beauty companies are transitioning to refillable alternatives—from skincare, makeup, and hair care. Fenty Beauty has one for that. Rose Inc by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also advocates for refillable items. 

Individual eye makeup should also be considered. Rather than purchasing a large plastic palette and just using a few of the tones before tossing it away. Aside from that, reusable shopping bags are essential. Not just applies to grocery shopping, bringing them along with you when shopping for beauty products might play a part as well.

Finish Off One Item Before Purchasing Other 

The primary thing someone can do is to preserve what they have before purchasing anything additional—eco-friendly or no. Then, think about how you might make your substitute for that thing more durable. Less really is more. Use up what you have before purchasing a replacement. You should also consider giving them a cyclic second life if you can’t use it. So, if there is a beauty product that isn’t performing to you, consider selling it on Carousell or gifting some to a friend who enjoys trying out new goods.

Recycle Your Beauty Products 

From your glass-bottled perfume to plastic shampoo bottles, even your expensive hair straighteners that can no longer be used, recycling and disposing of your beauty and skincare products actually contribute to a lot of healthier and safer environments. Just like recycling your old clothes, newspaper and empty bottles—your used makeup items can be taken and dropped to the nearest recycling drop-off point. 

And ever since more brands started to encourage recycling, big names like Garnier, Kiehls, Maybelline and The Body Shop recently announced that they are advocating towards the recycling movement, hence, they decided to partner up with national waste companies to do the work. You can easily visit their official store to drop off your usable and expired products. There are endless other brands that offer this manoeuvre, all for the sake of a healthier environment. 

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