Meet precision-engineered facials. Meet skin belief. A standout amongst skin spas, Skin Belief ensures that every customer who embarks on their #SkinJourney goes through a comprehensive skin analysis and review for customizable skin treatments with the highest precision and effective, lasting results. Whether you are having trouble with acne or pigmentation, Skin Belief is here to help, backed by honest recommendations and technology. You won’t be pressured by hard-selling and will only receive knowledge on what works best for your skin. 

With fantastic facial services and experiences, the Peelgae Skin Renewal Treatment is one of their best-selling facials. The Beauty Insider team will spill all the details needed before you book your next dream skin spa! 

Skin Belief

Skin Belief is a modern skin spa that strives to deliver sustainable skin solutions. Helping clients achieve their dream skin by providing customised skincare backed by 23 years of experience and technology. They are committed to focusing on proper results and determination to help empower clients with the right skin knowledge and lasting results. Through their personalised facials, it will help nurture your natural beauty from within. 

Besides that, many treatments at Skin Belief are non-invasive and help diminish pigmentation, acne and dark spots. They use traditional techniques merged with technology to offer lasting results. Skin Belief also offers a comprehensive Viewskin analysis which helps them identify the root cause of skin problems, as well as ensure precision and create personalised treatments. With knowledgeable and expert therapists, this skin spa continuously provides clients with the results they desire. Through every step of your beauty journey, you’ll always have Skin Belief at your side ready to help!

Embark on a #SkinJourney, and you’ll find that Skin Belief’s comprehensive ViewSkin analysis seeks to uncover underlying skin issues while curating extremely customised skin solutions just for you. 

All you have to do is book your first consultation, and a detailed digital skin analysis will be conducted. This allows their experts to suggest the best and most effective treatment plan fit for you. Next, they will customise a facial treatment according to your unique concerns and conditions. After your treatment, Skin Belief will also equip you with the necessary knowledge and products to create a home care routine of your own for lasting results. Lastly, they will perform a progress evaluation to follow-up, fine tune and monitor your progress. Ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment and long-lasting results. 

Skin Belief Peelgae+ Skin Renewal Treatment

If there is one treatment to try when visiting Skin Belief is their Peelgae+ Skin Renewal Treatment! The Peelgae+ Skin Renewal Treatment is a non-chemical peeling system featuring all natural Spongilla Lacustris ‘Microneedle’ extract for skin rejuvenation and regeneration. What’s more, is that this treatment is  100% natural and is rich in minerals. Isn’t that awesome? In addition, it is different from other peel products in the sense that it does not contain medicinal herbs or acid. Thanks to its stellar formula, this treatment is suitable for all skin types as well and doesn’t cause any harsh side effects. So if you have sensitive skin, this would suit you just fine. 

Renewing your skin from within, this treatment helps stimulate capillary blood circulation, activates detoxification, promotes cell division and brightens any pigment spots. Furthermore, it also helps eliminate dead skin cells and keratin as well. The treatment is done by rubbing the powder and ampoule onto your skin, and allowing it to penetrate. Even after the treatment, mineral-rich Spongilla Lacustris Extract microneedle will still continue to penetrate and release it’s effect into your epidermal and dermis layer for the next 48 to 52 hours. As it links elastin, fibrin fibres and collagen together, it also helps accelerate the cell regenerative cycle. Leaving you with brighter, radiant, smoothened and more refined skin texture! So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Skin Belief today here.

Results To Expect

So what happens after getting Skin Belief’s Peelgae+ Skin Renewal Treatment? Depending on individual skin’s metabolism and regenerative cycle, minimal skin flaking may occur 2–3 days after treatment, but you can subsequently expect results including lightened scars and shrunken pores! The minor side effects are completely normal, since it means the skin renewal is starting and should stop within 3 days. Besides that, this treatment also helps reduce acne, minimises wrinkles, refines skin texture, as well as renews and rejuvenates the skin. 

Thus, leaving you with a smoother and brighter complexion. In order to maintain a glowing complexion, Skin Belief recommends 1 session per month during the first 3 months. After that, revisit once every 1.5 to 2 months. The Peelgae+ Skin Renewal Treatment also includes an additional skin soothing and hydrating mask, as well as added ingredients to accelerate the skin renewal process. Allowing you to achieve your dream skin in no time! 

More Information

PricePeelgae Skin Renewal Treatment: $280 | Peelgae+ Skin Renewal Treatment: $380
Contact Details+65 6015 0204 | +65 9117 0426
Opening HoursBukit Batok: Mon-Sat: 10am – 8pm | Sun: 10am – 6pmFunan: Mon-Sun: 11am – 9pm
AddressBukit Batok: Blk 150 Bukit Batok Street 11 #01-240 S650150Funan: 107 North Bridge Road, Funan, #B1-41, S179105

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